Unitasker Wednesday: Asparagus pot

I never realized what a treasure trove of unitaskers Williams-Sonoma offers. Just a quick scan through their site and I came across quite a few that will surely keep the unitasker posts coming well into the new year.

The first one I decided to post is the All-Clad Stainless-Steel Asparagus Pot. Apparently, preparing asparagus has become so difficult and confusing that the need for a specific pot is crucial in getting it prepared just right.

And if you need to drain your asparagus, Williams-Sonoma also offers the Pillivuyt Asparagus Plate with Drainer for a mere $89.

But how exactly does one handle those crazy greens when you are preparing them? Williams-Sonoma also has you covered there with Asparagus Tools. If you purchase all these very specific kitchen gadgets, you’ll need a whole cabinet cupboard to house them.

Thanks to Williams-Sonoma for such a great line of unitasker products.

Note: Like all Unitasker Wednesday posts, this one is written fully in jest with ample amounts of sarcasm.

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  1. posted by Erin at Unclutterer on

    I actually like the asparagus pot because it’s good for cooking corn on the cob and a handful of other vegetables beyond asparagus. However, the asparagus tools that you linked to, Matt, made me laugh … because apparently a regular spatula and set of tongs Just. Won’t. Do.


  2. posted by Anonymous on

    One of the genius moves of the consumerist marketing culture is convincing people that they need a separate tool for every food item. Garlic presses, egg poachers, egg strainers, egg peelers, those little doohickeys for corn-on-the-cob, and now. . . asparagus. I mean, reuse a jar. It’s madness.

  3. posted by Anonymous on

    I agree with Erin – I got the pot and use it just as much for steaming artichokes, blanching tomatoes etc, as I do for asparagus. And – before I bought – I made sure it would fit inside my tall stockpot, at least minimizing it’s foot print.

  4. posted by Scott on

    This just seems like yet another way to clutter my kitchen.

  5. posted by Jonathan Skaines on

    Do they have a gadget to make asparagus stop your pee from smelling? THAT would be something! LOL

  6. posted by Dave on

    It is also the perfect size to chill a bottle of wine.

  7. posted by Steven on

    I bought a steamer almost identical to the All-Clad Stainless-Steel Asparagus Pot at Target for half the cost of that one. The pull-out wire mesh basket makes it a great small-volume vegetable steamer, not just for asparagus.

  8. posted by Isabeau on

    $158.95 worth of clutter to cook a vegetable you eat with your fingers?

  9. posted by Adam Snider on

    Hmm…I just steam my asparagus. I find it tastes better that way. So, even if I actually thought that this ridiculous unitasker was a good idea, I would have no reason to buy it.

  10. posted by Kirsty on

    I use my electric steamer for cooking asparagus. It’s one of the few cooking gadgets that I really do recommend because it sees a lot of use in our kitchen. It’s easy to use and clean and I’ve noticed we’re eating more veg than we used to and because the veg tastes better, we’re using less salt too.

  11. posted by chocolatecrunch on

    waste of precious bucks.
    thanks so much for your info
    i hope it will open the eyes of a lot of people.

  12. posted by Lee2706 on

    Total unitasker, written in jest or not. I love me some Williams-Sonoma because I like to cook, but I make a real effort to look at how many ways I can use something before it enters the kitchen.

    The pineapple slicer, mango slicer, mozzarella slicer – all are crap. So are all these asparagus gadgets. Besides, if you roast the asparagus on a sheet pan, you get better tasting veggies.

  13. posted by Pamela on

    Take a few stainless knives and place in the bottom of a pan with a little water. Place the asparagus on the knives. Steam. Multitasking!

  14. posted by Kathy in MD on

    I use the asparagus pot to make old-fashioned New England brown bread. Mom always made it in a coffee can but I read that coffee cans aren’t always lead-free and I couldn’t figure out any other alternative. This asparagus pot does double-duty in our household.

  15. posted by Phil B on

    I cook our asparagus dry on a ridged frying pan.

  16. posted by Erin Doland of Unclutterer.com, The O Myth Recap | The Home Office Organizer on

    […] people are defensive about their asparagus pots […]

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