Furniture line hides cable-clutter out of sight

Whenever I watch Family Guy, I often find myself nodding in agreement whenever the talking dog opines on either aesthetics or design. He’s usually spot on.

So it came as no surprise when I tuned in one Sunday night and heard him dryly deliver a statement of preference that I too shared, but had been keeping to myself for several years. It’s an opinion that might be considered subversive or even possibly heretical in most parts of this country:

“I don’t care for Pottery Barn.”

The overstuffed and oversized furniture they sell only contributes to the trend toward ever-larger dwellings. Scale issues notwithstanding, my modernist tendencies generally keep me from finding anything redeemable in the design aspects of their offerings.

I am, however, somewhat intrigued by their new “Smart Technology” line of furniture, which features an emphasis on the elimination of visible cable-clutter.

The inexpensive Leah Desk features an integrated powerstrip as well as ports for network connections.

Leah Desk

The Bedford Smart Recharge Station provides a central location for the charging of portable electronic devices.

Smart Recharge Station

They also offer a CPU pedestal that looks like a library card catalog.

15 Comments for “Furniture line hides cable-clutter out of sight”

  1. posted by Chris Rasco on

    I happen to quite like Pottery Barn, but my wallet does not agree. My wife has been relegated to shopping at the PB Outlet to get her fix.

  2. posted by Leo Petr on

    Are CPU pedestals a good idea? Ventilation is very important for the health of processors and video cards. An attractive case is a better bet than a CPU pedestal.

  3. posted by PJ Doland on

    I would never use an enclosed CPU pedestal for a high-performance gaming PC (which would generate a lot more heat). I might, however, consider using one for a basic low-end workstation.

    It also might keep the noise down a bit.

  4. posted by Glen on

    I have to agree PJ. Brian usually knows what he’s talking about. He’s also pretty good at psychology.

  5. posted by Monica Ricci on

    I am not so crazy about the turned legs on the Leah Desk or the flip-up mirror thing, but the functionality of the wire-hiding design is intriguing. I do so hate wire spaghetti. Ugh.

  6. posted by Moxie the Maven on

    Goodness – 79 bucks for the recharging station! Is that lil drawer lined with platinum?

  7. posted by PJ Doland on

    It’s still only 1/3 the price of a Rotaliana Multipot.

  8. posted by Chris on

    Stay away from Pretend Barn if you can. Their stuff is designed to disintegrate after 2-3 years. They are one of the highest margin retailers around, so you get a lower quality-per-dollar than most of their competitors.

  9. posted by Ed on

    Crate and Barrel Have nice solution for flat screen TVs and cable hiding also, not to mention it looks amazing.;f=22294

  10. posted by Michael on

    I left America shortly before the Pottery Barn craze hit the west coast, and last year when I went to visit family I went in to one for the first time, and I was accosted by an array of tacky, overpriced furniture so hokey and pseudo-country that not even my grandmother would like it. Their Smart Technology range confirms my suspicion. Give me sleek Ikea any day of the week.

  11. posted by beth on

    I don’t really care for Pottery Barn either, but I was surprised to notice on their website recently they have a lot of really great, useful office stuff. Did you happen to see their clear alternative to a white board?

  12. posted by catherine on

    Anyone else find it bizarre that these tech-oriented products are designed in a faux-antique style?

  13. posted by Charles on

    As I have been uncluttering I have found it easier to create a small mod to existing furniture than to buy new furniture. For example, I haven’t really been all that interested in charging stations, because instead I just cut a small hole in the back of a an old desk in our living room, tied up a couple zip ties, and now my charging station is conveniently located inside of a drawer that was being wasted anyway, and still keeping my electronics neat and organized.

    And I agree quite highly with the above poster: enclosing a modern CPU is a bit dangerous. My suggestion would be to buy a more attractive case, a laptop, or get a mac if looking at it bothers you.

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