So you think you’re uncluttered?

In the past 10 years, I have not rearranged a single room of furniture in my home. I equate rearranging furniture with moving, and I hate moving. Noting this, it was quite shocking to me that on Friday evening I found myself pushing a dresser across my bedroom. I had accidentally rammed the sharp corner of it into my thigh one too many times, and I needed a new layout.

Halfway through the process, I realized that my bedroom was not as uncluttered as I had previously thought. In addition to finding items that were out of place (books, cat toys, battery adapters), I also realized that I had two extra side tables, a lamp, and a magazine rack in the room that I didn’t really have space to accommodate. No wonder I was bruising my leg on the dresser — there was too much furniture in the room!

If you’re looking to check your uncluttered status, you might want to try rearranging the furniture in a room. Even if you end up putting your furniture back in its starting space, the act of handling an item can help you to evaluate it. Plus, you may find the single sock that you’ve been missing or your dog’s favorite chew toy.

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  1. posted by Gretchen Rubin on

    Re-arranging furniture is a great idea as a way to prompt de-cluttering. A friend of mine had another good ploy — the “virtual move.” She walked through her house, deciding what stuff she’d get rid of if they were going to move. Then she got rid of the stuff anyway.

  2. posted by Lyn Never on

    In the course of each year, I try to empty every room once to clean the floors and baseboards. I hate moving too (doing it right now after 8 years in the same place), but I hate cleaning after I move even more. Dust bunnies petrify after 4-5 years and you need a scrub brush and a chisel to clean them up.

  3. posted by Jill on

    I have those bruises… They stink!

  4. posted by Tim Walker on

    Amen. Shifting anything works wonders. If I empty my desk “just to reorganize”, invariably half of what’s in it and on it ends up in the bin.

  5. posted by Anonymous on

    OR you find that the missing single sock IS your dog’s favorite chew toy. 🙂

  6. posted by Kate on

    Yeah, moving our couch lead to this:


  7. posted by Cynthia Friedlob, The Thoughtful Consumer on

    There is a popular TV personality decorator who explains that it’s important to leave eighteen inches of space between pieces of furniture; he then crams his demo rooms with tons of stuff and proudly shows them off. If you’ve ever tried to maneuver through a packed room with only eighteen inches of space between major furnishings, you know that you’re either required to be a great dancer or you’re constantly ramming your thigh (shin, hip, etc.). What are some people thinking?!

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