Extreme minimalism Monday: Rock out

We’ve never really been a fan of the extreme minimalist’s guitar playing. Truth be told, he makes Robert Fripp’s music sound like pop by comparison.

He had been perfectly content playing a headless Steinberger GLB-2S. Recently, however, he came across pictures of a rare Gittler guitar from the 1970s.

It was love at first sight.

He just won’t stop talking about this guitar. For the last two weeks he’s been making phone calls and scouring the Net in a vain attempt to track down a Gittler of his very own.

So if you happen to come across one, please let us know and we’ll pass the info along.

2 Comments for “Extreme minimalism Monday: Rock out”

  1. posted by Ryan on

    Ugh! That guitar is oogly! Bleeding eyes!

    Guitars are the only things I overlook in my neatfreak life. I have five guitars and two amplifiers and a string of pedals and effects. I will continue to buy guitars, but I’ll never get rid of them.

    I actually have a room dedicated to them. My designated music room houses all my guitars and will soon (hopefully) harbor a bass guitar and a drum set.

    Guitar clutter FTW!

  2. posted by wendy on

    metal is ok, but there is nothing like the warmth and intimacy of wood.

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