Organization facts from Mother Jones

The Mother Jones website just put up an interesting list of facts on organization. Most of them reinforce our core mission here at Unclutterer:

  • Since the 1970s, the average U.S. home has grown by 80%. Yet Americans face a “storage crisis,” according to UCLA researchers.
  • The self-storage industry is only 35 years old. It took 25 years for the first billion square feet of storage space to be built. The second billion square feet was built in just 8 years.
  • 7 square feet of commercial storage space now exists for every American.

There are a few, however, that we just refuse to believe, despite any evidence provided:

  • 1 in 3 IKEA customers say they get more satisfaction from cleaning out their closets than from having sex.
  • Men who don’t organize their sock drawer have sex 3 times more a month than men who do.

13 Comments for “Organization facts from Mother Jones”

  1. posted by Brendan on

    “Men who don’t organize their sock drawer have sex 3 times more a month than men who do.”

    What does this mean?!

  2. posted by Eli on

    Sounds like false correlation, Brendan. Even Mother Jones falls for it sometimes.

  3. posted by Leo Petr on

    I am guessing they mean +3, not x3. I can’t imagine separating white socks from black socks causing a huge difference.

  4. posted by Natasha on

    Correlation doesn’t prove causation.

  5. posted by Dean Johnson on

    This seems somehow appropriate:


  6. posted by sea on

    Right, what else are you going to do if you’re not having sex? Um… I think I’ll go organize my socks?!

  7. posted by just another reader on

    “Each American produces 800 megabytes of digital data a year, the equivalent of 30 feet of books.”

    Or about one tenth of one percent of a 750GB drive. Those drives are 4.0 x 5.79 x 1.03 inches so the amount of data the average American produces yearly takes up about the same amount of space as a penny.

  8. posted by Ryan on

    I don’t have a sock drawer . . . does that mean it sucks to be me?

  9. posted by Anonymous on

    As a woman, I am relieved that I can have a clean sock drawer and a sex life 🙂

  10. posted by Jill on

    my husband doesn’t even know where his socks are kept! ha ha… also – even though i am severely challenged in the cleaning/organization areas – i can say – i prefer it to exercise – because i see results immediately!

  11. posted by Nancy on

    Maybe these men aren’t having sex because they are too busy organizing their socks ;-).

  12. posted by Anne on

    Maybe if you are particular enough to organize socks, you lack some of the spontaneity that benefits sex and intimacy.

  13. posted by Mike on

    I only buy one kind of socks. No need to sort. Plenty of sex.

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