Extreme Minimalism Monday: look ma! no hands!

Sure, your average proponent of simple-living might ride a bike to work every morning instead of driving a car. That’s not really all that uncommon these days.

But the extreme minimalist believes that mobility devices should be reduced to their essential attributes. That’s why he goes a step further and rides the Ultimate Wheel to his office every morning.

This approach seems perfectly reasonable to us. Honestly, do you really need handlebars, brakes, and a second wheel to get around?

And don’t even get us started on “seats.”

17 Comments for “Extreme Minimalism Monday: look ma! no hands!”

  1. posted by Cyrano on

    I know this is a joke, but I can vouch for how hard this is to ride. This is what unicyclists ride when they move up from unicycles, which they eventually find “too easy”.

  2. posted by EmmaNadine on

    Wouldn’t extreme minimalism be walking?

  3. posted by PJ Doland on

    Yes. But that wouldn’t be very funny now, would it?

  4. posted by Ryan on

    Look Ma, no hands! And an ass made of steel.

  5. posted by Jamie on

    That would be COMPLETELY impossible to ride.

  6. posted by glad cow on

    @EmmaNadine – In fact, extreme minimalism would be walking, but with only one leg. : )

  7. posted by Clarity on

    I also recognize the humor in this post, but I think minimal for the sake of minimal misses the mark. Shouldn’t the goal of minimalism be to obtain simplicity which is different than minimal (this pedal-powered wheel is the perfect example). In my opinion a better, make that simpler, mode of self-propelled transport for most folks would be a fixed gear bicycle that eliminates all the excess gears and shifters of most 12-speed or more cycles. Here’s the wikipedia article about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fixed-gear_bicycle

  8. posted by Anonymous on

    I think it would be possible. I would like to try it.

  9. posted by talldave on

    Awesome find PJ!

  10. posted by talldave on

    @Jamie: What is this “impossible” word you speak of? Us unclutterers know not what it means.

  11. posted by LM on

    did anyone notice the Jewish-minimalist-unicycle? The Jewish Star is really funny 😀

  12. posted by Jim on

    Uh, Clarity, bicycles are not self-propelled…

  13. posted by Anonymous on

    Not impossible to ride. I ride one and have been around for about 20 years now. I wouldn’t want to commute on one though.

  14. posted by gumnos on

    Bah, according to my juggler brother, the Ultimate Wheel is easy compared to the “BC”


    Those genes missed me, and I, OTOH, have the physical dexterity of a stick.

  15. posted by Jasi on

    True, ultimate minimalism would coax images of a more pedestrian mode of travel (nevermind the pun). But I’m more likely to bike miles than to walk them, especially before a long day a work. So this unicycle would not only be an inventive way to get there faster, it would probably help me develop a new skill, improve my athleticism and save me the trouble of hauling a mountain bike around. Great post!

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