Reader pics: Mike Hathaway’s garage project

One of the greatest aspects of my job is knowing that people are inspired by the advice that we give on It should then be no surprise that when we received the following photos, I literally screamed with joy.

Reader Mike Hathaway sent us pictures of his recent garage uncluttering project. He did all of this amazing work in just one day!



Photos chronicling his project can be found here and a summary of what he did and how you can do the same are here.

Congratulations to Mike and his new garage!

7 Comments for “Reader pics: Mike Hathaway’s garage project”

  1. posted by Louise on

    Excellent! I like how he’s relaxing on the couch and enjoying the new clean space, too.

  2. posted by addictive on

    And even the car has its space…

  3. posted by Mike Hathaway on

    It’s my wife on the couch I am taking the picture but yes the car has a spot.

  4. posted by Melinda on

    WOW! That’s just pretty amazing. Can you come do mine next? LOL

  5. posted by Christie on

    We did something very similar in our garage, ours is a two car though and we did more shelf units to accomodate out totes. It’s so nice to walk over to a shelf and know where to find something. We love it! It took us a day and probably close to $1000 because of all of the shelf units.

    Here is a link to pictures of ours.


  6. posted by Anonymous on

    Woweee …

  7. posted by Joel on

    You are now fit to join humanity. Welcome.

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