Curb your cosmetic clutter

The drawers in our bathroom are small and disorganized. Without pointing too many fingers, my wife’s cosmetic drawer is mostly to blame. The drawer is disorganized mainly because there isn’t a way to control where items are placed in the 12″ x 20″ drawer. Everything is chaotic, and tubes of things constantly roll around whenever the drawer is opened and closed.

We remedied her makeup drawer problem by purchasing the Expandable 6 Compartment Cosmetic Organizer. It helped to organize my wife’s cosmetics drawer so well that we purchased another for my drawer of toiletries. Now, everything has its own little cozy place. Also, while I was separating the items, I was able to get rid of the things I never use and my wife trashed a bunch of nail polish she didn’t need.

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  1. posted by Kristine on

    This is definitely a bathroom saver and limits how much you keep on hand. I didn’t buy this exact one, but I bought one similar from The Container Store made out of clear acrylic.

  2. posted by beth on

    I had extra small bread pans in my kitchen that I had recieved as gifts. More than I would ever need. They make fantastic drawer organizers. They are durable and can easily be pulled out of the drawer if you are cleaning it or looking for something i.e. the right hair clip.

  3. posted by nathania on

    wow! i really might have to get one of these

  4. posted by Kimberly on

    Nail polish is hazardous waste and shouldn’t be thrown out with the trash. Treat it like other varnishes and chemicals and please don’t put it in the bin!

  5. posted by Cynthia Friedlob, The Thoughtful Consumer on

    Kimberly is correct. And isn’t it slightly odd that we willingly put hazardous waste on our bodies to look attractive?!

  6. posted by amanda lee on

    When I was young, I had one of those Caboodle organizers ( It got lost in a move, but I recently bought another, and it was a really wise purchase. Now I can actually see what I’m looking for, and it’s not a mess of dried-up mascaras and crumbling eye pencils. I wish I had the drawer space for this though, it’s really nice. 🙂

  7. posted by Churry on

    I do the same, except I re-use empty boxes such as tissue boxes, candy boxes, and check boxes. I also have a few lidded boxes from facial cleaners.

  8. posted by Christie on

    I recently purchased a small three drawer organizer for my makeup, and I keep my face wash, creams, tooth paste, etc. in a small basket so it’s easy to have either on or off the counter top in my bathroom, and I like opening the drawers on my makeup holder to find exactly what I need lying flat.

    Another great organizer idea is saving the roll from the toilet paper to hold hair ties and hair clips. It’s both good for your pocketbook and the environment 🙂

  9. posted by puck on

    what i do when i have drawers that want organizing is to just build frames like this out of pieces of cardboard – two pieces cut to size and then trimmed up the middle interlock very nicely. if you feel weird about cardboard, you could spray-paint it or use light wood to make your own pretty easily.

  10. posted by julie on

    what do you suggest if your bathroom counter does not have drawers and there is no room in your bathroom to add any kind of storage system? (i currently use the built in medicine cabinets in my bathroom and they are a mess!)

  11. posted by Dona on

    julie, I have the same problem. I don’t have drawers in the bathroom, and all of my makeup is crammed precariously into a medicine cabinent.

  12. posted by Cynthia Friedlob, The Thoughtful Consumer on

    Julie and Dona, if you don’t happen to use the back of your bathroom door for hanging up a robe, you might consider hanging up a clear plastic over-the-door shoe holder. You can pop a lot of little bottles and hair accessories into those plastic pockets.

  13. posted by Eric on

    The description on Amazon is vague… Is the only expandable dimension the length? I have a drawer that is 9″ wide and 19″ long inside… If this is 7″ wide and 9″ long (expandable to 16.5″) then it won’t quite cut it… but if it can expand its width to fit, I will buy this right away (fix it in place with double-sided tape and have a 2.5″ compartment left over in front). (BTW– I am not going to use this for cosmetics, but rather my landing strip)

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