Brilliant: The foot dustpan

Reader Scott sent us a pointer to this awesome foot-handled dustpan. If you’re going to have a dustpan in your home, why not this one? God I love good design.

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  1. posted by Arjun Muralidharan on

    Excellent for lazy students… my readers will love it…

  2. posted by chris on

    Don’t you have to bend over anyway to pick it up?

  3. posted by Barbara on

    We had one growing up… it looked slightly different as the back circled all the way down so your foot fit into a circle per se. The thing is it’s a pain for tile floors or any floor that isn’t perfectly level because the weight of your foot will pop the front up causing the dust to go underneath… Just FYI…

  4. posted by roothorick on

    @Barbara: That’s easy to fix in design. Just put a free-moving joint between the footrest and the actual pan. The entire pan arches a little bit, but the edge sits firmly on the floor. You can then lock the joint when you pick it up.

  5. posted by Anonymous on

    You do have to bend down to pick it up, but I sweep better into a dust pan STANDING up. We have one of these, but I just vacuum instead.

  6. posted by mhughes on

    That. Is. Brilliant.

  7. posted by Yehudis on

    Where does one buy this item?

    Thanks for posting!

  8. posted by Jerry Brito on

    Yehudis- Sadly this is just a prototype by a German designer and it’s not in production. But I see Barbara says she had one that was slightly different but did the same thing.

  9. posted by BobbyEsq on

    Not true – I have a similar model that I’m pretty sure I got at a Walmart supercenter.

  10. posted by Brian on

    I’ve seen several like this…usually with the handle in an oversize loop configuration. You just put the toe of your shoe through. Check the hardware store.

  11. posted by Chad on

    Chris, I agree with “—” that it is easier to sweep into a dustpan standing up, but you are absolutely correct in that you do “have to bend over anyway to pick it up.” And what about dumping it into the trash? Using a similar model, I haven’t found a convenient way to do this – raise your leg – be sure to keep the dustpan level. Yeah right…might work if my trash bin was 8″ tall! You have to actually slide it off your foot and “bend way over to pick it up” to dump it. Way to many steps, way too much hassle. My favorite dust pan solution is a standing model that is attached to a broom handle. They even have models in which the dustpan flips up allowing it to take up less space in storage right next to your broom. You never have to stoop low to sweep your floors again. And your shoes will not get scuffed up!

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