Unitasker Wednesday: Mango splitter

Ok, so how many mangos do you eat a year? I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of comments from mango lovers telling me that they can’t live without their mango splitter, but I just can’t justify purchasing a tool to split a specific fruit. I’ve seen a person struggle while trying to prepare a mango for a recipe, but unless your eating multiple mangos at each meal just follow these steps and forget about the Mango Splitter.

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  1. posted by sharon on

    I’ve never even seen a mango! But I have the version for apples and though I don’t use it everyday, it is awesome to have when I do.

  2. posted by Betsbillabong on

    I have to say that although on the surface this appears like a ridiculous unitasker, mangos are so friggin’ hard to neatly peel and cut that I might actually be tempted! Although maybe not in my NYC apt.

  3. posted by Lars Wirzenius on

    Episode “The Theft of the Royal Ruby” of the TV series “Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot” (the one with David Suchet) has a scene where Poirot shows how to eat a mango. It is very instructive.

  4. posted by Phil McThomas on

    Have you heard of the Law of Unintended Consequences?

    I read the headline on my RSS reader and my immediate thought was “WAIT! THERE’S SUCH A THING AS A MANGO SPLITTER?? WHERE CAN I GET ONE?”

    I’ve tried the linked technique before and I found it to be one of those things that looks easier on the page than it does in the kitchen.

  5. posted by Barbara on

    I used to live in the Philippines where Mangoes are abundant, we used the steps linked to cut all of our Mangoes. Then you take a knife and jam it in the pit and eat the fruit of the edges. (That was our favorite as kids

  6. posted by young on

    My question with the mango splitter is how do you know you’ll center it over the pit each time? Seems like a guessing game

  7. posted by Anne on

    This is one unitasker that I LOVE. Even though it does just one thing, it does it so much better than I could without it.

  8. posted by Jenny on

    I’ve seen these instructions elsewhere and so I tried it out this morning when I was making my daughter’s lunch. For the most part it worked all right, but I couldn’t help noticing that the fruit that I could cut off was but a middling percentage of the whole fruit. I mean, it seemed like half the fruit was nothing but seed. I wonder if I’m cutting it right. I’ve tried more surgical fruit extraction on mangos in the past, but I always got juice and mango fibres everywhere but on the plate. Mangos are definitely one of those that I wish I could just buy pre-cut.

  9. posted by roothorick on

    I think you’re being slightly unfair this time. That doesn’t take up a significant amount of shelf space — I could easily throw that in the corner of my kitchen drawer. The pizza oven I mentioned to you a while back is far, far worse, if you don’t eat frozen/homemade pizza very often, just because of the counterspace it eats up (many are bigger than most microwaves!)

  10. posted by Cyrano on

    Another Filipino here who can attest that this is the only way we know how to eat a mango.

  11. posted by Mary on

    And yet another Filipino chiming in… 🙂 Once you cut enough mangoes by slicing on either side of the seed, you get better at it. You get a gut feel for where the seed is, and how to slice by getting the most fruit off it.

    As seeds for mangoes differ in size, I’m not sure how the mango splitter will be efficient all the time. Can the core be adjusted?

  12. posted by JR on

    Here’s one place to get a mango splitter:

  13. posted by Jed Wood on

    yeah well, some of us have to be careful with the peel: http://www.silentrant.com/?p=138

  14. posted by JM on

    This reminds of a post over on Anil Dash’s blog. Apparently, Americans are going to want to be eating a lot more mangoes, because we really just haven’t had the real thing yet. And the funny thing is that the import deal was in conjunction with a nuclear tech. deal.


  15. posted by Lisa on

    I always cut my mangos just like in the external link. Glad someone took the time to actually blog about that technique. It’s worked wonders for me ever since I could use a knife 🙂

  16. posted by Lee2706 on

    Another poster of Philippine ancestry. Like any unitasker, if you can justify the use and storage of it, then hey, its your money.

    However, I’ve learned through the years how close to cut off the cheeks of the mango to maximize edible flesh. Before I do the porcupine cube cutting method, I’ll eat the edges of the pit. No unitasker for me; a sharp knife works wonders.

  17. posted by Lizzie on

    I do well enough with a sharp knife…but if anyone says anything about my cherry pitter (which I used today), they’ll regret it…

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