MeBox on sale!

The perpetually controversial MeBox is on sale at DWR. You can get six for $30 — with free shipping. I love them, even if you all think that I’m nuts.

UPDATE: One very astute reader pointed out in the comments to this post that the single boxes are also for sale and are priced at $2.98 each, which actually makes them cost much less than the sets of six. At this price they are even less than plain boxes you might buy at OfficeMax.

4 Comments for “MeBox on sale!”

  1. posted by Anonymous on

    Pay attention! The SINGLE BOXES are also on sale, for $3 each, and also include free shipping! 6 x $3 = $18

  2. posted by Erin on

    Great catch! I only had the set of six boxes webpage bookmarked to check for sales. Thanks for the heads up on the singles!! I changed the post above …

  3. posted by Ryan on

    I suppose I should get Fluffy a new MeBox before he manages to break out of the old one. He is a very determined cat after all.

  4. posted by Pamela on

    Unfortunately, it looks like they’re only offering the 15 pack (which is on sale now for $57.90). Too bad, because that’s way more boxes than I need.

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