Extreme minimalism Monday: hair is clutter

Eschew the trappings of our vain and materialistic culture by shaving your head. Did you know that you can replace the following items with a single razor and a can of shaving cream?

  1. Combs
  2. Brushes
  3. Shampoo
  4. Conditioner
  5. “Product” (Gels, Mousses, Waxes)
  6. Scrunchies
  7. Barrettes
  8. Hairdryer

It’s a practical and stylish approach that is surprising versatile–it works whether you look like Natalie Portman (pictured) or Telly Savalas. And with all the money you save on haircuts you’ll be able to buy cool white clothing and furniture so you can live out the kind of THX-1138 lifestyle that most minimalists only dream of.

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  1. posted by Erin on

    You forgot Britney!! Shame on you 🙂

  2. posted by Leo Petr on

    Or you could shampoo once every two weeks and not comb. Works for me.:D

  3. posted by Anonymous on

    In all seriousness, people do tend to wash their hair way too much. And shower too much for that matter. If you don’t physically exert yourself, you can easily go a few days w/out a shower/shampoo.

  4. posted by Jude on

    I use shampoo (no conditioner) and I usually remember to brush my hair every day, although not always. Sometimes I use hair ties. Once in awhile, I use a hair tie to put my hair in a ponytail and then invite one of my sons to whack it shorter; occasionally I cut my bangs. I went to a beauty parlor for a 3 month period decades ago after I broke my back because it hurt too much to shampoo my hair. If I were to shave my head, I’d have to buy a razor and shaving cream. In other words, this idea would *clutter* my life. (By the way, I’ve never washed my face with soap and I don’t wear makeup–more minimalism).

  5. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    Cromwell & Cruthers Shave Oil
    (available at Mountain Equipment Coop http://www.mec.ca)
    15ml (one tablespoon) does about 100 shaves and it keeps my hubby’s face is smooth. Easy to travel with, non-aerosol, works with blade or electric.
    Small bottle = no clutter!

  6. posted by Jerry Brito on

    I know this is going to sound insane, but I recently got fed up with the care and feeding my longer hair required. So, I went to CVS, bought some clippers, and had Kathleen cut it evenly to 7/8 inch. Now she clips it for me every two weeks and I’m saving money, time, aggravation, and it looks pretty damn good.

  7. posted by Dermot on

    Who needs shaving cream? You can just use some olive oil from your kitchen. Now that’s multitasking!

  8. posted by shawnna on

    i shaved off my hair a few years back, and it was very liberating clutter wise, until I decided I needed to grow it back to get a professional job. then the clutter came – trying to figure out how to deal with it in all the stages it goes through to get back to a normal length is exhausting. totally worth it, however. i’d do it again in a second.

  9. posted by Dr. Ragan, www.psychologyofclutter.com on

    I wish no one had hair or teeth. These are the bane of my existence in respect to clutter and expense. Sounds pretty, huh?

  10. posted by Clara on

    There’s another item to have other than the razor, espcially for the ladies, SUNBLOCK!!

  11. posted by Cynthia Friedlob, The Thoughtful Consumer on

    I had hair down to my waist for years. My (former) hairdresser once said I looked like an aging hippie. I said I was an aging hippie. Eventually, I succumbed and cut it to chin length. Then really, really short. That resulted in dealing with the problem Shawnna described: letting it grow again, through all those weird phases. I’m at the Bozo the Clown phase right now. Shaving it all off sounds pretty good somedays!

  12. posted by Tom Karches on

    When you add up the time spent actually shaving your head with shaving cream and a razor, in order to keep it smooth, is probably not much time saved over just keeping it really short as Mr. Brito suggests.

  13. posted by KAJ on

    Trust me, if I looked as good as Natalie Portman, I’d shave my head in a heartbeat. That said, I’m going in today to get my chin-length bob cut back to near-buzz-cut length — yesterday’s sticky 90 degrees finally did it for me.

  14. posted by Louise on

    We bought a pair of Wahl clippers and I cut my husband’s hair every three weeks. Back in January, I had him cut mine just as short. It really does simplify things! I’m growing it out a bit longer than the original 3/8 inches, but still too short for comb or brush. However, I now am tempted to buy more hats when the weather is cool…

  15. posted by g on

    but razors are way expensive

  16. posted by Anonymous on

    I have waist length hair and it is mush easier to handle than when I had short hair.
    On the list I own the shampoo, conditioner, brush and one ring of hair ties. That’s it.

  17. posted by nick on

    Ditto Jerry Brito and Louise. Had hair on the long side until one hot spring day a year and a half ago when I found an old pair of clippers under the sink. It immediately seemed like the right thing to do, and I shaved the hair down to setting 5, whatever length that may be. I think the every-3-weeks-clippers-head-shave may be the best because I don’t need a razor or shaving cream. I still use a tiny bit of shampoo sometimes but I’m not sure I really need to.

  18. posted by Regan DuCasse on

    Been shaving my bean for over fifteen years. My hair, left to it’s own devices, grows huge, wild and tends to get snagged on tree branches (I’m tall) and sticky fingered kids liked to play with it.

    I got fed up with all those trappings…and had a salon get the clippers out.
    Haven’t looked back. It’s gotten me plenty of work in the movies and on stage. Bald women apparently are sexy.
    I didn’t know that.

    I live in HOllywood, where finding an ‘edge’, is practically the law.
    I’m not that kind. I’m a practical girl. So when anyone asked why I shaved my head, the answer was simple.
    Have one bad hair day too many and see what YOU do!

  19. posted by davidius on

    blah blah blah I Love my Hair!

  20. posted by Matt Niemi on

    I’ve had the same short haircut since I was about 8 years old. No product, no styling, no thought…

  21. posted by donviti on

    my bald spot is growing to the size of a pancake. 2 weeks ago I shaved down to a #2 on my razor. I don’t think I’m going back to long hair again. I save 5 minutes in the morning will save $15 a month for a long time. what the heck you know, It works for me.

    My daughter even said, you look younger and cooler!

  22. posted by PleaseNo on

    Bald girls make me limp.

  23. posted by Haggie on

    shave your head and instead of getting laid, you’ll be spending your evenings rubbing your other bald head.

    women want men with hair. if you don’t believe me, find out the annual sales of rogaine and propecia.

    if you want to save time and money, get clippers and guides. i use a 3 on the sides and back and a 5 on top. no barber or hairstylist fees and it only takes me 15-20 minutes.

    also, if you keep your hair that short, you rarely have to do more than rinse it off in the shower. i rarely ever use shampoo/conditioner.

  24. posted by Regan DuCasse on

    Haggie, I beg to differ…! Gimme Patrick Stewart, Michael Jordan, and Ben Kingsley.
    Bringing sexy back!

    Donald Trump is courting bag headville with that horrendous comb over…
    Him and Don King…they have to pay to get laid. And you couldn’t pay me ENOUGH to have to look at that!

  25. posted by Jordan on

    Ohh.. This is such a tease. I’d been clean-cut my entire life until a long trip abroad where I let my hair go wild. My fifteen month mop is more than enough to make the girls swoon (attention I NEVER received with short hair..)

    As for bald, I’ve tried that too, like the others here I found it very liberating, quick in the morning, and unfortunately, extremely expensive when I tallied the price of razor blades against a good haircut.

    But what the heck, it’s only money! Liberate thyselves!

  26. posted by Lachlan on

    I keep my hair longer specifically because it’s easier to care for–shorter hair requires regular cuts (I get cut once a year or less) and brushing (often, I just run my fingers thru my hair after a shower). I shampoo my hair only once a week and use conditioner the rest–the natural oils that are best for your hair are stripped out by shampoo–and my showers are often between 5 and 10 minutes. Personally, my hair is so curly I have to keep it high and tight or shoulder length so it doesn’t poof out.

    I don’t shave my face because I don’t want to deal with a razor every morning (or the alternative: stubble); I feel similarly about shaving my head.

  27. posted by Anonymous on

    Wow.. I hope this is some kind of joke post.

    I like my hair. Your feed in my reader is more clutter than my hair…

  28. posted by Cliff on

    You laugh, but this is my method. I love shaving (now that I’ve learned how to do it with joyously irritation-free single blades and vintage razor handles, and classic English gentleman’s shaving cream) and keep my hair short enough that there is no need for a comb. Especially when I intend to go camping or vagabonding (Europe for six months?), I simply remove it all. Eliminates effort, reduces my fascination with my personal appearance (hence increasing karma in some manner, I’m sure), saves money. But don’t use CANNED shaving cream, the propellants are irritants! Use traditional tube or tub creams!

  29. posted by hanna on

    im 16 52 and 119 LBS for the first time in my life i cut it a off like 2 mins ago. it was mid back length but i saw the scissors and cut to shoulder length, then straight (but crooked, choppy, ugly)bangs so kept cutting to about my ears then bangs to a choppy sticking straight up mess on my hair line i was kinda having fun to. thats when i realized i was getting caried away eek i ran to the bathroom and saw my mess, i was awestruck i couldn’t belive what i did so i kept cutting to about a poorly done scissor cut buzz found my dads clippers (no gaurd i couldnt find it) and tryed on a mohawk so now i have a short black mohawk but im planning on shaving the rest

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