Police drummer Stewart Copeland enjoys simple life

In a recent Reuters interview, Police drummer Stewart Copeland talks about his simple living:

I have one house (in Los Angeles), I drive a Jeep Cherokee, I live very simply. I discovered in life that I have the same joy in divestment as I once got as a young man in acquisition. I have the perfect house. I’m never leaving this house that I’m in. I might trade my Jeep in for some environment-friendly vehicle of some kind. But I’m not into fancy cars. My watch is a Casio. I live very simply, and I’ve discovered that half of the so-called luxuries that people strive for do not provide happiness. My happiness comes from my children, my wife, my house that I love that I live in.

Here at Unclutterer, we like to encourage people to find joy in divestment and discourage needless acquisitions. I’m sure as a young rockstar Mr. Copeland had his fair share of needless acquisitions. It is nice to see he has found joy in simplifying his life.

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  1. posted by BigNerd on

    As one who has studied drumming, has drummed professionally, and is a huge fan of Sting and the Police, your entry here is another affirmation to ‘keeping things simple’. Blog on!

  2. posted by Monica Ricci on

    I believe simplicity comes with clarifying your priorities. When you’re really clear what’s important to you, the things that used to clutter your life suddenly take their rightful place waaaay down on the cosmic totem pole and it’s easy to let them go. Of course, priorities change as we get older, so it’s important to be flexible and self-aware so your environment reflects who you are today, and not who you were in the past.

  3. posted by Head Hen on

    So cool and encouraging. I see more and more people who have achieved success that move towards this way of thinking. It’s like they’ve figured out the secrets of life. I’m trying to learn from them and get this figured out NOW and leave the materialism behind.

    Thanks for the info!

  4. posted by Steve M on

    It takes immense self-security to be Stewart Copeland and live his lifestyle. The pressure to keep up with the Jones’ is amplified by his celebrity. It is refreshing to hear that he has chosen a lifestyle that truly makes HIM happy.

  5. posted by lantzilla on

    Yet another reason to love Stewart Copeland.

  6. posted by john on

    Let’s see now… I happen to know from City records that he paid 5.2 mil for his 9700 sq. ft. home on 3/4 of a acre above Sunset Bl. in Brentwood. I wish I could afford to live so simply. 😉

    Love his drumming though.

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