High quality media storage at high prices

If you’re looking for a modular storage system for a home or office environment, and you’re willing to pay an arm and a leg for industrial quality, you should definitely consider looking at Can-Am’s online catalog.

They offer a wide range of configuration options well-suited for storing files, CDs, DVDs, books, AV equipment, or just about anything else. You won’t need to worry about running out of space, as the modular design allows the systems to grow along with your storage needs.

Can-Am’s products, which are available in a variety of durable powder coat colors, have a clean and minimalist look which we find particularly appealing.

Now I just need to sell a kidney so I can afford this stuff.

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  1. posted by Brian on

    I had been lusting after these cabinets for years. When we moved into our new house 2 years ago we splurged for 2 – 3 drawer units, 1 – 2 drawer unit and 1 – flip-door cabinet for our DVD and CD collection (the microwave goes in the cabinet.)

    They are amazing cabinets, well built, highly organized and attractive. But you are right they arn’t cheap.

    The cabinets are in the right corner of this pict: http://www.brianviki.com/galle.....ith+Arcade

  2. posted by Cheap Guy on

    I must say, it seems like most solutions you suggest on this web site involve spending more money on more stuff. At least my wallet will be uncluttered!

  3. posted by Cat on

    We have one of these to store software at work. I have to say–it isn’t perfect. The stay at the back of the row is flimsy and difficult to adjust, and there’s no clearance to put in labels. At that price, I admit I expected more.

  4. posted by sharon on

    I keep looking and hoping that someone will make them as well and inspire some competition with the pricing.

  5. posted by Matt on

    These do look really nice, but does anyone know of similar item that isn’t quite so expensive?

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