Doggie drawer cures doggie food mess

My friend recently renovated a previously unused area in her home and kept her dog Jenny in mind when she was making plans for the room. One of the many things that she did was create a clutter-free eating area for her puppy.

Jenny’s food bowl now lives on the bottom shelf of a built-in cabinet in the new room. The shelf is on rollers and can pop out for easy cleaning. My friend slides out the food bowl shelf when it’s time for Jenny to eat, and then pushes it back in when Jenny’s finished. There’s no clutter and no mess. Jenny’s big bag of food is stored on a shelf above the food bowl, which also rolls in and out of the cabinet for easy access.

My friend had her cabinets custom made by a local woodworker, so her exact solution isn’t available online. However, a quick internet search led me to this Elfa product, which my friend says is the same concept as the pull-out shelf she uses in her puppy’s feeding area. If you’re a dog owner looking for another way to bring organization into your home, this might be a solution for you.

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  1. posted by mason on

    that’s a good idea for the food, but what about the water? doesn’t the dog need to be able to drink whenever he’s thirsty? you wouldn’t want to leave the drawer open all the time, would you?

  2. posted by Jeannette on

    It sounded like the bottom shelf was just a pull out shelf, not a drawer per say.

  3. posted by Mike Dunham on

    My dog’s food lives in a rubbermaid bin about 18″ tall in the corner of the laundry room. Her bowls sit on top. She is free-fed (though no more than one bowl a day), so she has 24/7 access to food and water, with no clutter. Every now and again I have to run the top of the bin through the dishwasher, but that’s about it.

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