DIY designer knife block

Rather than spend $125 on an unbelievably sexy Schaschlik knife block, Chris DiClerico went the DIY route and saved himself a benjamin in the process. After looking at the Flickr photos of his completed project, we can’t tell the difference.

If you’re going to try this, just make sure you buy skewers that are long enough to be suited to the task. They need to be at least the length of the blade of your longest knife.

Chris DiClerico, we salute you.

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  1. posted by lynda on

    I just discovered your amazing blog via SwissMiss and have spent the last hour reading and bookmarking the posts. If you have a minute I’d love to have you submit it to our newish blog directory,

  2. posted by Chris on

    That is an amazing idea and something that should be submitted to Instructables.

  3. posted by Josh on

    And for those of us who have neither DIY skills nor an extra $125, Bed, Bath & Beyond saves the day:

    Kapoosh Universal Cutlery Block – $30;RN=395

  4. posted by Jeannette on

    My brother the artisian knifemaker points out that if you have kitchen blades that are of extremely high quality (like most of our family does, thanks to him) that these things would all scratch the blades insanely bad. It’s a lovely wonderful idea, but you’d have to be careful with your high quality blades, assuming you have them.

  5. posted by Raf on


    Wouldn’t bamboo/wood have a lesser chance of scratching up steel than steel against steel in some kitchen drawer?

  6. posted by Jeff on

    I have the Kapoosh Universal Cutlery Block and love it. It holds anything I’ve got. Also, it means I don’t have to buy an entire set of knives, just the ones I want.

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