Extreme minimalism Monday: The Penal-Ware® Comby

Do you think stainless steel fixtures are sexy? Is space at a premium in your bathroom? Are you a die-hard fan of HBOs Oz?

If the answer to more than one of these questions is yes, you might want to consider buying the Penal-Ware® Comby from Acorn Engineering. This high-quality prison-grade combination toilet/sink is both stylish and space-saving.

Interior designers should note that the Comby pairs particularly well with Penal-Ware® Suicide Resistant Shower Model 1741.

8 Comments for “Extreme minimalism Monday: The Penal-Ware® Comby”

  1. posted by Ryan on

    Yeah, no way.

  2. posted by Erin on

    I can just imagine my mother-in-law staring at it and wondering how to use it … Thanks PJ for the Monday humor 🙂

  3. posted by Adam Snider on

    Ha ha! It is extremely minimalist, I’ll give it that.

  4. posted by Metrozing on

    May I suggest that hospitals keep these in stock and give them away? Parents of males should be issued one per family immediately after hearing the words, “its a boy.”

    I think dogs would like them for their toilet bowl toddies, too.

  5. posted by madchanny on

    ha ha ha! i should chuck it in my spare room and call the room ‘lock down’ with a matching steel framed single bed with no mattress & optional padded walls, im sure nobody would consider being a dumbass in my house LOL!!

  6. posted by Jimmy on

    So, this is what Paris Hilton’s new bathroom looks like!

  7. posted by Good Luck on

    This blog is obviously for very rich people. All the solutions I have read about so far cost a fortune. Commercial (institutional included) “solutions” cost a lot more than regular residential “solutions.” Nevertheless, I think it is worth nothing that all your supposed solutions involve spending a lot of money. I de-cluttered by selling what I didn’t really use and donating what nobody wanted to buy. Voila! A much less cluttered house without the need to buy more stuff. Buying stuff to hide away your useless junk or buying stuff to make up for the fact that you have no room due to your purchasing addiction… makes no sense. Stop buying crap. Sell what you don’t use and give away what you can’t sell. (Chances are, if no one wants to pay you for it, it’s really useless crap.)

  8. posted by christa on

    we have actually been considering getting one of these for the upstairs media room. no bathroom up there currently, but there are 2 closets-very naaaaaarow closets, and we would like to add a bathroom upstairs. It’s above the kitchen, so I think the plumbing is possible. This might be the only thing that will fit in that space.

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