Extreme minimalism Monday: The spork

Why have the added clutter of forks and spoons in your flatware drawer? Why not make things simpler by replacing both of these unitaskers with a single versatile utensil? SnowPeak makes attractive, lightweight, and durable sporks in titanium.

The truly committed can go a step further and dispense with the added clutter of the knife by ordering the 3-in-1 Light My Fire Spork.

Yes. We’re kidding.

Sort of.

8 Comments for “Extreme minimalism Monday: The spork”

  1. posted by Matt on

    Don’t forget the Nyfork.

  2. posted by PJ Doland on

    The Nyfork looks like a great way to lose a finger.

  3. posted by Erin on

    PJ — Why have 10 fingers when you could get by with just four?! With its sharp, rotary blade, the Nyfork truly is an uncluttering device. Ha! 🙂

  4. posted by Gretchen Rubin on

    I just discovered this site — I love it! For myself, I’ve come to see that outer order helps me find inner serenity (not to mention that it makes it easier to find my keys). I’m always looking for great sources of ideas and inspiration to fight the onslaught of papers, t-shirts, gimcracks, and magazines that multiply in every corner. I’ll be back often to check out what you’ve found. I write about this subject a lot on my own blog, the Happiness Project, http://www.happiness-project.com. Clutter is a strangely fascinating topic…

  5. posted by MightySpork on

    I approve!

  6. posted by Markus on

    What about a Splayd?


  7. posted by Sabrina on

    We were given 4 of those titanium sporks as a wedding gift by a very good friend. Now, after the zombie apocalypse, we’ll still be able to eat!

  8. posted by Bruce on

    Leo Laporte spoke about this at http://www.twit.tv/dgw182 , (and then sparked a rage of comments/letters).

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