Tackling your iPod clutter

Belkin has a solution that adds virtually nothing to your desk space and keeps the iPod wires where they belong — out of sight. The Belkin In-Desk Dock saves valuable desk space and you can seamlessly charge and play your iPod as you sync it to your computer. It also has stereo-output jack which lets you listen to your music through your stereo, powered speakers, or headphones.

It requires one of those standard 3-inch holes in your desk. If your desk doesn’t have one already, you can always just buy a hole cutter at a hardware store and drill one.

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  1. posted by jm on

    But if you’re not into tools, wouldn’t the hole cutter just be wasting space itself? (Also, I have a glass desktop. so I’m just jealous that I can’t do this myself)

  2. posted by Erin on

    jm — many home improvement stores, like Home Depot, let you rent tools. So, instead of buying a drill for a single task, you might be able to just rent one. Also, as is the case where I live, our local community center has a workshop open to residents on the weekends.

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