Clutter creeps into the car

Some people live in such a state of clutter that even their cars become ensnared in a hopeless state of disarray. Sometimes it looks as if the person may live out of their car. CD cases strewn all over, fast food wrappers carpet the floor, receipts from last century in the glove compartment, and don’t even look in the trunk that’s where the real mess is.

Needless to say, the car is in need of a serious cleaning. After the cleaning, organization must be put into place so the state of clutter does not return. If you have CDs in the car, consider a small sleek CD case. The CDs will stay protected and all in one place. Better yet, upgrade to an MP3 player!

Next, keep the small compartments in your console for things that you’ll actually need while driving. For example, spare change for tolls and parking meters, sunglasses, and a hands-free cell phone device. You’ll now have room for these things now that you’ve removed all the trash and unnecessary items.

Now, let’s move on to the trunk. The trunk isn’t an extension of your closet and shouldn’t have articles of clothing and multiple pairs of shoes in it. After all the irrelevant items have been removed, add a strategically placed trunk organizer with velcro on the bottom for storage of necessary items (e.g. umbrella, emergency kit, flashlight, maps). The velcro will keep the box in place while you drive and it can be moved around to fit luggage and other large items when needed.

Traveling in a clutter-free vehicle will keep your mind on the road and make your travels safer and more enjoyable.

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