Selling your house? The one time you should definitely declutter

Cutting down on your house’s clutter can get it ready for the market. Closet space is a selling point that buyers tend to focus on when looking at a home. Before showing a home, make sure you remove all non-essential clothing from your closets to show off the storage space. From 411 Real Estate:

Clear out ALL clutter — This way not only will the rooms show better and larger, but more importantly the closets will appear larger. Anything that you will be not using in the next few months packed up and put into storage. I would suggest a garage sale or large donation to a charitable cause (check your tax adviser for potential tax write-off).

Clear the kitchen of all the countertop clutter to make the kitchen look larger and cleaner. Also, declutter your cabinet space as well. You want the buyer to feel they will have all the space in the world. You want them to imagine themselves living in an organized home.

While you’re at it, you might also want to consider depersonalizing your home. This gives the home a more presentable look and feel. Like I said, people tend to use their imaginations while viewing a home. Imagining themselves living in your home is a lot easier without photos of you and your family around every corner.

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