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    It’s my impression that the number of new posts has dropped off in the last few months. If true, any ideas why? There are many old threads that get one or two occasional additions months or years later. Do the actions of the spammers discourage real posts?

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    I think it is possibly that many of us have been busy following particular challenge threads such as the January Cure, Peter Walsh’s challenge thread and Feb’s Paper Cure thread that perhaps has led many of us to concentrate on those rather than starting a lot of new topics. Just a thought (and yes, I have noticed less new threads on the forum). Perhaps it’s also because it’s February – the novelty and motivation of achieving New Years Resolutions have worn off and it’s not quite Spring yet!

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    Interesting, mad sci. I read the forums in RSS, is I see every one. I’ve been overwhelmed by the huge number of posts lately. I don’t think I could keep up if there were more!

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    I like to revisit where things / people are up to with old threads so I click on my own name to see which threads I’ve commented on and whether there have been new updates from others after my mot recent viewing.

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    Laetitia, it’s understandable that you would want to check up on your old topics when you’ve been away from the forum a long time.

    We have so much spam now, it seems that new posts are mostly coming from spammers, nine times out of ten. (Perhaps I’m exaggerating, but not by much.) They also dig deep into old posts in order to plant a spam link. I’m looking forward to the new forum that Erin promised, supposedly it will have stronger spam protection.

    I flinch whenever I see an old topic dredged up by a seemingly innocent newbie. A closer look at their profile shows that they joined only a few minutes earlier in order to plant a URL somewhere on the site, often on the profile itself. At present, the burden falls first on legit members to mark the post as spam, then it falls on the admins to clean up the mess. It’s clutter of the worst kind, pissing everyone off, and it eats up a ridiculous amount of time.

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    For me, it’s not the spam, it’s me. I have kind of plateaued with the uncluttering (I’m still decluttering but it’s kind of routine), I’m not doing any challenges, and I’m still thinking about some of the old threads, like the imaginary selves topic, but without new stuff to add to it.

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    Ditto on the plateauing. I don’t think I need to introduce myself, everyone knows my challenges and strategies, and there seems little new to say.

    Omigosh, cat vomiting noises. Bye …

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    Personally, I’ve just been busier these days.
    I think some other lucky ducks have been lured outside to enjoy their warming temps!
    When I need a little nudge, I come read posts to see if it spurs me on to do
    some organizing or tossing, but at this point, most of my extra stuff is being saved for my 5 dds.
    If I try hard, I can usually find a thing or two.
    that’s the thing also, maybe be next month i’ll say- hey I don’t need this second or third basting brush…

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    I’m still reading but I’m often a bit behind and I consider making a comment on something and realise it won’t make sense because it references something a looong way back! I need to keep up a bit more :-)

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    Thats me exactly, Joless. By the time I get around to making a comment, it’s no longer relevant and the topic has changed or something… :)

    Good points, Ella on the new posters/spammers. Personally it doesn’t bother me too much and that’s probably because I am an occasional poster.

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    After the January Cure and Peter Walsh’s 30 day challenge, maybe we’re coasting for a while.

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    Personally, I love it when a newcomer starts a thread asking for advice, because then we can all pile on with everything we’ve learned over the time we’ve been doing our own decluttering. :-)

    I sort of plateaued toward the end of last year, and while I’m still decluttering it’s more by way of active home improvement. Changing out moribund plants and decrepit rugs, for example, rather than purging packed-full closets.

    The only packed-full closets left are the ones controlled by the DH. I am still picking away at my collections, but am at the point of re-viewing, re-reading, or re-listening before discarding. Not like at the beginning when there was so much stuff I just wanted to get rid of it and couldn’t be bothered to revisit much of it.

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    i’ve been here three years and done a fearsome quantity of decluttering in that time.
    a large and unexpected bonus has been meeting all of you lovely people.
    i don’t know if i am posting less or not.
    i think sky is right….maybe we are a bit wrung out after the january challenges….lots of people threw themselves into those. and right on top of busy holiday seasons.
    february/march are the months to rest, where i live, anyway. the weather is very hot and very wet and the storms are crazy and you can expect to have roads and electricity supply cut at the drop of a hat. it is naturally a good time to scale back on everything, or just go somewhere else entirely, for a while.
    and in the northern hemisphere, people will be feeling a bit wrecked from winter going on and on, and naturally wanting a bit of a rest.
    i think it is a very natural rhythm that we are collectively feeling.

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    I have less and less to declutter, and more and more practise of it. So all the low-hanging fruit is long gone, and I cast a jaundiced eye on our possessions regularly (can’t wait for THAT to wear out and not be replaced)

    I don’t have ATAD or FATAD to do, (or they are so automatic so I don’t think to post them) so every so often a few things collect and I have a big ketchup.

    Also, I don’t respond to every post, but I surely do read and ponder on them all!

    As far as spammers go, they don’t actually overly bother me and sometimes I appreciate having old old threads bumped for re-perusal!

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    I am a semi-new poster on this website. I really enjoy it when I see an “old” post revisited, as there always seems to be something new and valuable to be added.

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    We seem to all be in the same happy spot: I, too, am decluttered with exceptions of dh’s collections. I do it automatically every day and also buy less. I admit I miss the thrill of clean-out. I still read, just like previous posters have said. It is such a fascinating topic, everything from hoarding to buyer’s remorse to using what you already have…all of it.
    I feel we can all always learn more from each other on how to make our homes more comfortable and less full of stuff. And the people who write posts on this forum are interesting, well-rounded, and caring. I may leave for a time, but I will always come back. There is no need to worry about participating more or less than before. We have plateaued, many of us, but it isn’t over. It is an extra dimension to one’s life that family, in-the-flesh friends, and neighbors cannot fill in the same impartial and non-judgmental way. Yea, technology!

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    I don’t get to read, post or unclutter near as much as I would like because of my current schedule and obligations. When I do get rid of something, I usually forget to post on ATAD. But one of the things I like so much about this site is you can aways pick up where you left off. I hope some day to have a more regular schedule that will allow me to make a bigger dent in my stuff but for now I will have to keep chipping away as I can. In the meantime, I appreciate those of you who do post ’cause it keeps me inspired!

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    I’ve plateuaed, too. :) And also, I bought a home of my own for the first time last year, after sharing for years. So I was more *re*cluttering, in a way – I had to get a dining table and chairs, and rugs, and bar stools, and a wardrobe, and a desk … all the things I sold or gave away when I was in a long-term relationship, *sigh* … and then I was unexpectedly given a TV, so I sold my big Expedit and got low shelves I could put a TV on … (The shelves have doors! Which isn’t what I initially wanted, but I must say they look very sleek and I am absolutely loving not having to dust my books!)

    I still got rid of a ton of stuff though: all the things I was keeping for Justin Case “when I moved”. If it ain’t working now, it’s gone! Oh, and the other good thing is that I’ve tried to buy decent quality things, so with any luck everything will last for a good number of years.

    I also agree with Bandicoot that in the natural rhythm of the year, this is a downtime. Certainly here in Melbourne, anyhow. It’s been in the 30s for what seems like weeks, and often in the high 30s… and often oddly humid for us, which is nice! It’s a time for heading to the beach and drinking G&Ts and having lots of barbecues, and going for walks in the long evenings. The days are just starting to get shorter now though. I’m trying to soak up as much summer as I can. :)

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    vjb – right now I’m envying your summer sunshine as it’s so wet here in SE Qld that I can’t even mow.

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    Has number of new posts dropped off?

    I’m with chacha and liag: the big collections here are DH’s, and with work picking up (finally oh thank you FSM) it will take something like prepping for the finish work in his office/packing to move to get him to deal with it.

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