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    I’m trying to move my room around, and it’s hard when I have big pieces of furniture to fit stuff everywhere. So i’ve decided to buy some of those plastic drawers, like from Wal-Mart that come in different colors. And take the clothes out of my dresser (which is just stuff like pajamas), and put them into one of those, and make a space for it in my closet. That way I can move the dresser out and have more room to work with. But i’m wondering how well it’ll work. Has anyone done anything similar?

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    Do I need a dresser?

    good idea.
    in the last place i lived, got rid of my dresser. when it was gone, it freed up a lot more space. amazing how furniture can limit walking space. and no more occasional cleaning of drawers, or dusting underneath.

    i started hanging all my clothes. realized that hanging is great – u can see all your clothes at once, and they’re easier to organize & move around. i also air-dry (live in the subtropics), so once they leave the washing machine, they go straight onto the hangars for drying, then straight into the wardrobe closet. no folding for me.

    if u get plastic drawers, remember to go for the separated, stackable kind – not the ones that are stuck together.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    When we moved into this house we addressed the dresser problem, and ended up with two long, short dressers, and made them the base for our bed. My DH cut plywood the size of a queen-sized mattress and it sits on the dressers with a mattress on top. Works great! In addition to the dresser storage, we have the space between them under the bed where we store extra blankets/comforters and my electronic keyboard.

    When I was in graduate school and broke, living in communal housing – an old house with small closets, I kept most of my foldable stuff on a bookcase in the closet, saving the limited hanging space for things that really needed it. I had baskets that fit on the shelves for things like underwear, bras and socks.

    So, no you don’t need a dresser! :)

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    Do I need a dresser?

    We got rid of our dresser, too (donated it to a family of Somali refugees, who were thrilled.) And it DID free up a lot of space. Like sky2even, we started hanging hang-able stuff (like t-shirts) and have two stacking wire bins (similar to the elfa that you can get at the container store) in our small-ish walk-in closet for things like socks and underwear.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    we don’t have dressers per se, but we do have a walk-in closet that is outfitted with an elfa system, which means that we have all the functions of a dresser without the dresser.

    I love dressers.

    I wish we had room for them. We don’t.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    I haven’t had one for ages. Anything that can hang, does. Anything that doesn’t (underwear, boxer shorts, etc) goes into a vertical sweater storage thing that hangs on the closet bar, except my socks, which are in a fun basket on the floor underneath it.

    I never put anything away in the drawers when I had a dresser, and it’s heavy to move around when I got the hankering to rearrange my furniture. I like having all my clothes out where I can see them.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    We don’t have a dresser per se. We have a small walk-in closet with a lot of shelves and limited hanging space. So anything that *needs* to hang, does. Anything that can be folded (most things) goes on the shelves. And anything that doesn’t need to be folded too neatly or can just exist in a pile (underwear, socks, swimwear etc) is in baskets which are used as inserts for an IKEA EXPEDIT unit.

    We use KOTTEBO baskets (http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/00109477) which are great because they look nice, but unlike all their other baskets, are lined with fabric, so there’s no risk of finding reed slivers in your undies :P

    I guess our Expedit unit acts as a dresser, except it’s much easier to repurpose if our needs change :)

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    Do I need a dresser?

    when we moved into our home, since the master bedroom was small we did not bring a dresser. use the shelf over hanging clothes to put folded clothes. some small things are put in matching see through bins. worked for us for many reasons, do not have a tendency to over buy and is easy to find things because items are out in the open, easy to see. has worked for us for 12 years.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    I’ve been using the plastic drawers as a dresser for about 10 years and I’m very happy with them. :) I grew up in a tiny room with a large dresser. I wanted space so I bought 2 systems (3 drawers each) at Walmart and put them side by side in my closet. My old dresser used to hold my PJs and I hated it because I always stubbed my toe.

    Now I have a place with my BF and I STILL have the drawers instead of a dresser. We have a walk-in closet and the drawers are stacked on top of each other. My BF used to have a dresser but he liked my system so much that he got rid of it and bought the drawers. I organize mine like this:

    1st drawer – socks, undies, bras
    2nd drawer – tshirts, tank tops
    3rd drawer – yoga pants, capris, shorts
    (next sytem underneath)
    1st drawer – pj tops & tanks
    2nd drawer – pj bottoms & nightgowns
    3rd drawer – bedsheets & pillowcases

    I don’t think I’ll ever buy a dresser because I’m so happy this way LOL. Long ago I used to think I “had to” have a dresser because you’re “supposed to have one”. My parents thought it was strange and they thought I needed money because I sold my dresser so they wanted to buy me one (haha), but then they saw the space I gained and how happy I was. They never questioned it again.

    My only complaint is you can’t put anything heavy on top or else the plastic slowly bows in therefore making it hard to pull out the 1st drawer. You can put a piece of plywood on top to prevent this and still keep a few things on top but just remember the items will shake or topple whenever you pull out a drawer. I only say this if you’re easily annoyed LOL. If you don’t plan to have anything on top of them then it doesn’t matter. :)

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    Do I need a dresser?

    This may not work for you if you don’t have a lot room on your closet rod, but I’ve been using the fabric shelves that hang from the closet rod and really like them. They are open, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. I put the most used items on the top shelves so I don’t have to lean over to get what I need.

    Good Luck!

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    Do I need a dresser?

    We’ve used Elfa stuff for years – every time we move we reconfigure it in a different way to suit whatever space we have available. It was particularly useful when we lived in Europe and only had 1 three-foot wide closet – the Elfa gear had a configuration which included a canvas cover that created a free-standing closet.

    Right now, we both have short stacks of wire drawers in the bottom of our closets – shorter clothes can hang above them, and longer clothes can hang beside the drawers. They weren’t cheap – years ago – but we’ve more than gotten our money’s worth from them.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    ClutterPounds: I think “you’re supposed to have x” is one of the reasons stuff accumulates so easily.

    Whenever I think about things I ‘should’ have, I go back to this comic: http://xkcd.com/150/

    It’s why I don’t own a bed and I sleep in a hammock, and why my medicine cabinet is a shoe organizer on the inside of my hall closet door.

    And yes, I intend to have a ball pit one day.

    As far as having a dresser, I think one of the main ideas behind unclutterer is to think about the way you’ve always done something, and why, and how you can make it work better for you.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    I too have been using the plastic ‘dressers’ for about 4 years now, for myself and for my children (ages 10, 7 and 4.) They are great because they are so cheap (especially at Wal-mart, or on sale at Target) and you can stack them if you want. The top does bow if you keep anything heavy on it, but I have not had to replace one yet, and if I did, it was only about $10-15 for the entire system. You can also choose to use the wheels that come with it, or not to.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    lol, Nithy: I love your attitude and that link! Although I hate ballpens I love that ‘stuff what other people think grownups should do’ ethos. Which is why when people stop me when I scooter around town and ask me why I use a scooter I tell them ‘it’s the ONLY way to travel’, or ‘it’s so much fun everyone should try it’. Last week a little girl on her bike asked me why I was on a scooter and I said ‘because it’s WAY better than a bike, I can carry it in one hand if I need to go up some stairs and it folds up really small’ :) It’s weird that just because you’re grown up you’re supposed to choose to drive instead of use a scooter, you’re supposed to stop having fun and being silly and you’re supposed to have a bed instead of a hammock (that’s so cool BTW!). Embrace your inner Pippi Longstocking, that’s what I say :) I gave away my stroller and bought a stack of slings when I discovered they were a lot more comfy to transport my kids as babies and took up almost no space. I really loved babywearing and my son was as happy as anything to be carried round on my back. Now when I think I should behave like a grown up and have ‘proper’ adult things I stop and think whether it’s strictly necessary, whether other people’s views are actually incorrect, whether there are big business interests involved (a huge thing in babyware, incidentally) etc etc. Examining the expectations of other people versus your actual needs is hugely freeing :) I’m really intrigued by the hammock, tell us more!!

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    Do I need a dresser?

    lottielot – Hooray for you on the scooter! :D It’s funny you mention “Examining the expectations of other people versus your actual needs is hugely freeing”. That’s right on for me. As a child I never went through the “Why?” phase. As an adult, it’s “Why?” all the time LOL! I feel immense relief from societal pressures and I’m much happier for it. :)

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    Do I need a dresser?

    ooh clutterpounds, that was me as a child too, I was such a blooming conformist! Meek as anything, always behaved myself, now I’m getting older I just don’t care any more. The funny thing about the scooter is that it’s like most things, if you do unconventional things unselfconsciously with a big grin on your face then the usual reaction is positive, I have had so many men in their 70s stop me and say how much they love my scooter and where did I get it?! But that applies to my house as well, I’m finally cultivating my own taste and trying to come up with my own solutions to how to live in our house rather than what the conventions say you ‘should’ have. If you’re not open to new ideas then you’re not living the way that could be most convenient/joyful/satisfying to you. My kids are pretty inspirational there, they do stuff like make a cosy camp on the landing and sleep the night there or we’ll exploit our 2 staircases by making a big marble run down them. Or they’ll turn one of the bedrooms into a ‘shop’ and spend all day making catalogues to sell their stuff and negotiating wage deals. The next day the bedroom turns into their ‘secret laboratory’ where they’re going to invent things. Children are endlessly creative, it’s so wonderful to watch their ideas in action, but if we adopt their attitudes towards coming up with new ideas and questioning received opinions we’d all be happier I think :)

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    Do I need a dresser?

    lottielot: the marble runs sound like a lot of fun to me…just so no one slips and falls…enjoy the creative adventures :))

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    Do I need a dresser?

    I haven’t read all the other posts yet but i don’t have a dresser. When i moved in with my boyfriend I got rid of both my dressers b/c I only used my car and his car to move my stuff so most of my furniture stayed or was given away. He kept insisting I needed a small dresser and I kept telling him I didn’t. I just hung up all my clothes in the closet, and I have one of those hanging shelf things for some stuff and some fabric bins setting on shelves that are already in my closet. I use some small plastic stacking drawers for socks and underwear.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    i love not having furniture other people think I should have. We don’t have a couch or coffee table either, we decided it was taking up to much space. the couch belonged to the landlord and it was uncomfortable and we hated it, so we asked him to take it back. My boyfriend had a nice folding chair, and I got myself a black papasan type chair with a metal frame and i love it.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    I once used plastic milk crates stacked on their side to create cubbies at the bottom of my closet. These are super flexible and provide space for folded clothes or shoes. Also easily re-stacked in different configurations should you move or decide to re organize. I hang most of my clothes now and I find it easier to navigate than a dresser. For example nothing gets shoved down and behind anything else, so I know what I am using… and tossing something on a hangar is faster for me than folding neatly.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    I used to use those plastic milk crates too, but I used some wire to attached them together. I used some stacked together as a desk one time also.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    i remember almost furnishing a whole flat with milk crates and old wooden cordial boxes.

    i have an elfa wardrobe and office and it is terrific.
    expensive but infinitely flexible and it can travel with you if you move.
    i have no intention of moving, but it’s nice to know i can.
    my old dresser is really there more as an antique and lovely piece of furniture……160 year old nz kauri.
    i keep some linens in there and my travel gear (drawstring pack bags, bag that converts to a pillow, travel toiletries bottles, microfibre towel, silk sleeping bag, rain poncho)….my hankies and socks….that’s about it.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    I haven’t had a dresser in a couple years. Most stuff hangs. The last closet had some shelves, so folded stuff went there. Socks & underwear go into the spare suitcase.

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    Do I need a dresser?

    *grinning at Nithy, lottielot and everyone else who’s said “Wait a minute: I’M the grown-up now, I get to decide what I should be doing!”*

    To the original question: the bed has built-in drawers with lids, and most of what we wear is soft knits (T-shirts, tank tops, yoga pants and underthings), so it stores in there quite happily. We don’t miss the dresser.

    I’d like to go back to the idea of “grown-ups SHOULD own X” briefly, if the thread will indulge me? When DH and I started looking at new places, we also started looking at how we actually live in our current house. After studying how much time we spent where, we quickly realized that the living/dining rooms are walked through to get to the parts of the house we’re really using: the office, the kitchen and the family room. We could lose two-thirds of our current furniture and not miss it.

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