Unitasker Wednesday: Toast Tongs

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about posting this week’s unitasker selection. Last time I mentioned a toast-related unitasker, we got more than 80 comments defending the item. It was then I learned that Unclutterer readers are very serious about their toast.

Today’s selection is such a perfect contender for a unitasker, though, that I have decided to move forward with it. I’ll admit, if I worked in a restaurant that specialized in artisanal toast, this doodad might have a need if I didn’t want to wear sanitary gloves. But, for the daily home toaster, the Toast Tongs are overkill (well, unless you’re using a supervolcano to toast your toast):

If you are worried about your toast being a little toasty, you can let it sit in the toaster for a few seconds to cool before touching it. Five seconds is usually all it takes, though I have been known to grab toast directly from the toaster and live to tell the tale — as I’m sure we all have. Yes, the toast is warm, but it’s not so warm as to need a special device to handle it. Plus, if you wish to spread something on the toast, you’re going to have to use your hands anyway because these tongs won’t be of much use to you during that task. And, if you’re regularly having issue with large items getting stuck in your toaster, it’s time to get rid of the toaster and get a toaster oven. Toaster ovens are beautiful multi-taskers.

Back to the point: Toast Tongs are one more thing to wash, one more thing to store, one more thing to forget you own, and one more thing to eventually put into a yard sale or donate to charity.

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  1. posted by Victoria on

    I’m with the others that wooden tongs can be a multi-tasker, but I use chopsticks to get toast out of the toaster.

  2. posted by LeeAnne on

    Ditto to most of the above. We have these in my office kitchen, and they are invaluable. The toaster is very deep, and there is no way I’m sticking in a finger or a metal utensil!

  3. posted by Shannon on

    These are a unitasker, but a unitasker that I think is worthy of a spot in my kitchen. I use these every day for bagels and toast. I want to retrieve the breads while they’re still at their hottest so I can spread them with whatever and manage to eat while the bagels or toast are still warm. And my fingertips are delicate and burn easy, so bamboo toast tongs it is. They are used so frequently that they don’t even live in a drawer — they sit on a tray that also holds my toaster.

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