Unitasker Wednesday: Perfect Bacon Bowl

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Ah, bacon. The best tasting of all the cured meats. Salty, fatty, pork goodness in a strip form that you can hold. Sigh.

The best part of bacon is that it doesn’t need to be improved. It is perfect. What it most certainly does not need is to be made into a Perfect Bacon Bowl:

Seriously, what is wrong with people who cannot simply enjoy bacon? Why does it need to be shaped into anything? Can’t it just be bacon?!

If you disagree and think a cup or bowl of bacon is necessary to enjoy the best meat this planet has ever known, then please — PLEASE — just use the bottom of a muffin pan to make bacon cups without purchasing all four of these devices. You probably already own a muffin pan and, for the most part, it is a bit of a unitasker. So, why not make that muffin pan a multitasker? Live a little!

But wait, there’s more! The Bacon Bowl even comes with its own infomercial. I dare you to watch it and not salivate all over your computer keyboard! (Unless you’re a vegetarian or observe a religious tradition that doesn’t consume pork, then I wouldn’t suggest you watch the infomercial. It will probably leave you nauseated.)

Thanks to reader J for introducing us to this unitasker. And, now, I think I’m going to go make some bacon in strip form, as it should be …

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  1. posted by Joyce on

    And it comes with its own cookbook…really?

  2. posted by Jennifer on

    FYI Another way to make a muffin tin into a multi-tasker is to bake
    muffin sized meatloaf servings in it. Less cooking time, easy to freeze
    and easy to portion out!

  3. posted by Kim on

    Okay, I admit it, I fell for it. $10! Bacon bowls! Microwave or oven, AND dishwasher safe too!!

    Well. I went to the website. I tried to order 2 ($10). Then it says “But wait, there’s more!” And they offered 2 more plus the recipe book (yes, I’m lame enough to need a recipe book) for “only” shipping and handling.

    “But wait, there’s more!” Yup, you can upgrade to the deluxe version that’s more durable and has a 2 year warranty. Yeah, fell for that, too, for only $5.

    Problem: you put in your debit card (yes, I was stupid enough to use a debit card tied directly to the checking account) at the beginning. So before you can say “$65?????!?!?!?!?!?!” your order has gone through.

    Yes, $65. $65.80 to be exact. No, I can’t quite figure out how it happened either.

    So, I called the 800 number. “While you’re on hold, we can offer you a cruise for FREE, absolutely FREE! Just press 1, or press * for all other calls.” After I pressed *, “In addition to the cruise you also get (I didn’t listen to what else you get). Just press 1 to claim your cruise! All other calls press *”. When I pressed *, I got a recording saying my call could not be serviced at that number and they hung up on me.

    So…I had to call the bank and have the charge blocked. Except they couldn’t block it without canceling the card. And since I’d used my husband’s card, they needed authorization from him. Which meant I had to admit to him that yes, those $10 bacon bowls somehow cost me $65 and could you talk to the nice bank lady so she can fix it?

    For. Real.

    tl;dr DO NOT BUY THE BACON BOWLS!!!!!! Though clearly if you’re reading this blog, you know better. I’m going to be reading this blog from now on.

  4. posted by Rico on

    If you really want a bacon bowl don’t spend any money just take a cupcake pan and flip it upside down and make more than one at a time!

  5. posted by rico on

    If you want a bacon bowl don’t spend money just flip a cupcake pan upside down and make more than one at a time!!!

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