Unitasker Wednesday: Elegant Baby Cup

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

You know what babies like? To sip milk from an Elegant Baby Cup:

At $160, this Elegant Baby Cup signals to all the other babies that your baby knows how to live it up and fine dine with the mucky muck. Even though your baby can’t hold up its head or find its mouth with regular consistency, pay no mind. Forget bottles or breastfeeding, only chic and impractical food delivery systems for all the babies in your house.

Also, your son or daughter’s tiny fingers are perfect for getting silver polish up under that handle to get rid of tarnish. Bonus! Besides, your baby had nothing else going on except for just laying there, being a baby. Polishing silver is such a great task for infants as it gives them something to do. Teaches them responsibility and what-not.

Congratulations, owners of the Elegant Baby Cup, you’ll probably win parent of the year for all of your awesomness!

53 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Elegant Baby Cup”

  1. posted by Jasi on

    totally right D. my kids went from breast to glass. they’re wild, spirited kids but since they weren’t given a choice, they’ve been careful. never broke one. i bet a silver cup would be an easier transition though.

  2. posted by Susan on

    I think that most of the comments are saying that your idea of a “joke” is off base this time. Silver cups were great before plastic as a glass or pottery cup would get broken in time. I have several silver cups, some fancy with names and others with dents from use. Perhaps they are part of a different era but in my family they will be passed on.

  3. posted by TootsNYC on

    At $160–that’s an AWFULLY DELICATE JOINT between the handle and the body!

    That handle looks like it’ll pop right off there!

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