Make your own guitar picks

Do you play the guitar, bass, or mandolin? Do you have old membership cards cluttering up your wallet? If so, the Pick Punch might be a useful tool for you:

I’ve always thought picks were ridiculously expensive for what they are. Additionally, I always seem to need one. Making your own picks from recycled membership cards just makes a lot of sense to me. If we would have had one of these when my husband and I first started playing picked instrument, we could easily have saved hundreds of dollars. A simple, high utility, uncluttered solution for people who play picked instruments.

Image via Pick Punch.

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  1. posted by Greg on

    Real picks cost about $.20 each if you buy them in enough quantity. That’s for Dunlop Tortex, which is basically the industry standard, and used by professionals and amateurs alike.

    For the cost of the punch alone, you could buy about 125 real, pro-quality picks.

    I’m a performing guitarist, and at the rate I ruin/lose picks, 125 picks would last me about 3.5 years of weekly performances and rehearsals.

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