Ask Unclutterer: Movies with an uncluttered theme

Reader Ellis submitted the following to Ask Unclutterer:

I know this is a bit random but … I wondered if you had any recommendations of films with a minimalist/uncluttered theme? I’m looking for some inspiration!

This is an interesting question since there are films that have a minimalist aesthetic (THX 1138) and films that promote the idea of uncluttered living (Wall-E). I’ve included examples of both for you. Also, I’m not the world’s biggest movie-goer, and I see more science fiction and Pixar films than anything else, so my suggestions are limited. Be sure to check the comments for even more ideas from our readers.

Unless otherwise noted, these movies are NOT suitable for young children.

  • Repo Man (a dark comedy showing a future world overwhelmed with stuff)
  • THX 1138 (a stark minimalist future world)
  • Up (kid friendly)
  • Wall-E (kid friendly)
  • Idiocracy (it’s cringe-worthy to watch, but days letter you’ll continue to think about it)
  • Fight Club (extremely violent, but has a strong message on consumer culture)

Also, you might be interested in checking out Dogme 95 films that are extremely uncluttered in their production. Thank you, Ellis, for submitting your question for our Ask Unclutterer column. Again, be sure to check the comments for suggestions from our readers. I’m looking forward to learning about the additional film suggestions, too.

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54 Comments for “Ask Unclutterer: Movies with an uncluttered theme”

  1. posted by Patti on

    Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks

    He is stranded alone on a desert island for years after an airplane crash, making do with what is available out of necessity


    He lost his home and his fiancee thinking he was dead. Even after being rescued and once again having access to lights and all the food and drink he can consume, it’s almost like he doesn’t want the excess anymore

  2. posted by Mark on

    “Into the Wild” about a kid inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s book “Walden; or, Life in the Woods”, pretty much the Unclutterer’s manifesto.

  3. posted by Mark on

    If you’re into documentaries, Garbage Warrior may peak your interest. Check out the site here:

  4. posted by Jurgen on

    To me, the best one’s are Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”, Jaqcues Tati’s “Play Time” (I just LOVE the ultraclean and decluttered office building in that movie – it’s from 1967 but it’s totally timeless) and the beforementioned “Fight Club” with it’s strong points about consumerism.

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