Unclutter your wallet by keeping a second wallet in your glove box

Almost every retail store or restaurant I frequent has some kind of loyalty program. The benefits are usually compelling enough to convince me to join, even if it means I’ll be stuck with yet another club card. In the past, I’ve tried consolidating bar codes on a single card. Unfortunately, I’ve found that over the last few years an increasing number of these loyalty program cards have magnetic stripes on them. As a result, I’m forced to carry the actual card with me in order to use it.

Instead of keeping all of these loyalty cards in the wallet I carry with me everywhere, I keep them in a second wallet that stays in the glove box of my car. I live in the suburbs, so it would be unusual for me to be at a store or restaurant where I might need one and not also be in close proximity to my car.

This approach keeps my primary wallet slim, as the only cards I keep in it are my drivers license, my credit card, and my health insurance card.

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  1. posted by Zac on

    I gave up on reward cards if they require me to carry a card. The wallet clutter was too much and a second wallet just doesn’t seem like a great idea to me. If they don’t take a phone number, I’ll either take my business elsewhere or pay the “convenience fee”. Incidentally, I don’t use my current phone number for these things to protect my privacy. No need to announce your number in public every time you make a purchase.

    @Rose, I don’t think of a credit card by itself as clutter, but ten rewards cards (even the small ones) for the hardware store, pet shop, grocery store, vitamin shop, gym, etc etc starts to weigh down a wallet. As a guy, I elect not to carry a purse and I like to keep my wallet slim.

  2. posted by Marie on

    As far as giving up personal info and worrying about theft, I have always used my old college dorm as my address and my office fax machine as the phone number. I’m not hassling anyone with unneeded calls, and I don’t care who overhears me recite it to a clerk.

  3. posted by Manja on

    You keep your cards in your car, and you take your car to the centre of your city.

    Where I live (the Netherlands), taking a car to the centre of the city makes the car an expensive unitasker. Parking fees everywhere… Fortunately I can go by bike from my outskirts to the centre. Just one drawback: no glove box. On the bright side: having to bring your shopping home by bike definitely cuts down buying too much clutter. You just can’t take it home ;-)

  4. posted by Wendy on

    I carry a bunch of key tags for loyalty, membership, etc. I got a TagWrap (www.tagwrap.com) to hold them all, and it works great. Now I always have them with me, but they’re not such a mess on my keychain. Plus I love the pink leather! Just my 2 cents!

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