Ask Peter Walsh anything!

Next week, I’ll be interviewing Oprah’s go-to organizer, the organizing star of Clean Sweep, and all-around fantastic gentleman Peter Walsh to talk with him about a new line of office organizing products he has designed for Office Max. While his publicist and I were working out the details this time for the technical side of things (we’re doing a video chat so you can hear his fabulous accent), I came up with a fun way to get you in on the fun.

My Plan: Ask Peter anything!

Here’s how it will work: In the comments to this post, write in a question you have always had for Peter. Then, next week when I’m preparing for my interview with him, I will pick my favorite question from the comments to ask him that is (likely) unrelated to office organizing. Maybe you want to know what it is like to work with Oprah? Maybe you want to know how he got to where he is today? If you want to know the answer, put it in the comments. I just ask that you please keep the questions tasteful and respectful … this is a family-friendly website after all, and I doubt I would ask him anything that would make me blush!

If all of the technical aspects work as planned, the video should be live on the site next Thursday. Leave your question in the comments, and stay tuned — Peter Walsh just might answer your question.

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  1. posted by Mindy on

    I want to know how often Peter gets a little unorganized or messy. Come on! He must have a pile of unopened mail or a pile of dirty clothes on the bedroom floor once in a while!

    I would also like to know how to teach my kids organization skills. They are 5 and 2 and I completely blame them for my unorganized ways (I know its really me and not them).


  2. posted by Jan (Australia) on

    I am keeping up with the daily paper-trail, but need to find time/space/system to get through the 6 years of baby/toddler haze of ‘stuff’…any suggestions?

  3. posted by Dana on

    I live with a husband and 2 dogs. It is important to me to have a home that is organized and clean. It is NOT important to my husband or dogs. When you walk through our house, you will clearly see who “lives” on what side of each room. We’ve made our spare room into a closet. My side of the closet is organized and tidy, my husbands is a mess, the same in the bedroom and the living room. I’ve asked him a million times to not put his junk on the kitchen counter everyday, yet he does. I’ve purchased baskets and such for that reason and they go unused. The amount of do hair in my house is insane from the dogs. One of the dogs is literally nuts and is constantly destroying things in the house. my husband will not get rid of her. I understand why and that she’s part of the family, but she causes me more stress than joy. If you saw my husbands truck and the garage that he’s taken over, you’d have a heart attack! His truck is SO disgusting, that won’t even get into it to move it out of the driveway. It took me a while to purchase your dvd, It’s all too much, because I felt it pointless. No matter how much I keep things organized, it’s counteracted by my husband and the dogs. I find myself staying late at the office sometimes, because I know what I’ll be walking into when I get home. Peter, I desperately want to have a home that rises up to meet me when I walk through the door. I feel as though as long as I live with my husband and 2 dogs it will never happen. Please help-any suggestions on how to handle my situation?

  4. posted by Cindy on

    First of all in response to Stef’s posting here, I am an avid fan of clean sweep and have probably seen every episode. Throwing things away was reserved for the items that were truly trash and unusable. If you will recall things were ALWAYS sorted as either keep, donate, sell or trash. People cried because they were merely eliminating sentimental items from their space, not throwing them away. Secondly, I would like to ask Peter what led him to become a professional organizer.

  5. posted by Susie on

    My name is susie and what will my best friends name be?

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