DIY rolling tool cart

Yesterday, Lifehacker linked to the wonderful Instructables series “Build a Peg Board Tool Cart Then Brag About It.” It’s an extremely organized creation, and, best of all, the creator of the tool cart said he made the entire unit for less than $50:

It is a sturdy design that would be a fantastic tool organization system in any garage or workroom. You can watch the tool cart in action on YouTube:

(Images from Instructables)

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  1. posted by Suzanne on

    I love this. Thank you so much for sharing the link!

  2. posted by Courtney on

    I could also see this working for children’s art tools. Picture some cups hung on the pegs with markers inside, scissors/tape/packs of stickers or staples hung on pegs, maybe a piece of plywood mounted on that bottom frame with construction paper stored there, etc. I bet you could even screw in an old-fashioned pencil sharpener. (Just make sure the kids are tall and old enough that they don’t climb on it!)

    It would work well because children do well organizing when everything is visually available, and because they often end up doing larger projects on the floor or another non-desk space that would benefit from a rolling organizational system.

  3. posted by Courtney on

    Also, a thought that you could leave the other side empty and attach clips to it to enable kids to attach large papers and use it as an easel.

  4. posted by Kelly on

    Love this! I can see this being useful for many applications. Thanks for sharing!

  5. posted by Dawn F. on

    This is very cool! What car-lovin’, woodworkin’, garage-playin’ guy wouldn’t drool over this? :)

  6. posted by Mike on

    I think I have a new project to work on. :)

  7. posted by Sheryl on

    Oh, this is too cool! It would be great for my needs-to-have-everything-out-where-he-can-see-it husband.

    I’m feeling a basement project coming on! ;-)

  8. posted by Steve Hall on

    If it folded out into a ping-pong table it would be perfect. ;-)

  9. posted by Shalin on

    @Steve Hall – Just adds some stand-offs at the corners of the pegboard and some strategically placed hinges on the A-frame. Have fun!


  10. posted by Neil on

    That’s a bit ridiculous to look at, but I’m sure it’s incredibly functional. You can roll it in for work and then out of sight when company comes over. Though, as someone who lives in a small space, this might work. I just have to ask to wife first!

  11. posted by Jeri Dansky on

    And if you would like to buy something similar, already made, you can see my post listing a few options:

  12. posted by Romona Weston on

    Wow! My husband couldn’t believe this. Yes, we have a weekend project coming on. I could think of many other ways to use this invention besides tools. Thanks for linking this.

  13. posted by Lynden on

    Wow, this is fabulous, I love it. Can see another application – I love , use & sell ENJO products (microfibre cleaning cloths for those people who don’t have it in their countries) & a smaller version of this would be fabulous to take from room to room as you clean.
    Or to have to store the gloves when they’re clean & waiting for their next use!!! Have them labelled so all the family know which colour to use for which room.!!!

  14. posted by Jill on

    Wow this is great, so many options of what could be stored on it.

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