Unitasker Wednesday: The Egg Cuber

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I think that this week’s unitasker may actually be a non-tasker. Ever since reader Penni sent this Egg Cuber to me, I have tried to imagine why someone would want square eggs — and I have yet to come up with a reason.

Does the oval offend some people? Do square eggs have a longer shelf life? Is it easier to crack a square egg than it is to crack an oval one? Is there a major problem with eggs rolling off counters and trays that I don’t yet know about? why? Why? WHY would anyone want a square egg?!

Also, I think you have to own chickens or at least have access to immediately laid eggs to be able to take advantage of this device. Egg shells are only transformable for a very short time period after being laid. It seems like quite the task to be able to even get these to work.

Please leave your explanations (the more humorous the better) for why someone might need the Egg Cuber in the comments. There must be some reason for such a device beyond the end result just looking cool.

(Image via The Kitchen Store)

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  1. posted by mary b on

    What a flashback…my mother had one of those in the 70’s! It sure was a PITA to use. Of course it was soon relegated to her very large junk drawer full of unitaskers.

  2. posted by Oliver on

    a lot of fun with kids – and yes, you put in hard boiled eggs when they’re still hot

  3. posted by Steve on

    OMG – you can get egg shapers that turn hard-boiled eggs into bunny and car shapes! This is PERFECT for my niece! You can even get shapers that make sliced boiled eggs in heart shapes, totally romantic! I didn’t see the point of an egg cuber and now you’ve got me filling my cupboards with egg shapers… So much for uncluttering, I’m now a bento convert!!

  4. posted by Ursula on

    One word. Triscuits.

  5. posted by Jennifer McIntyre on

    Yep. I have this kitchen tool as well. I BOUGHT it! but I gave it to my kids for play dough. Later – I actually used it for eggs and found that the kids thought the square shape was cute. And it encouraged them to eat more eggs. Like Steve, I have other shapers, too. Have you seen the one that turns a hot dog into an octopus?!

  6. posted by gypsy packer on

    These guys are working from the wrong end of the problem. Fresh eggs for deviled eggs are notoriously difficult to shell. A device for heating shelled eggs, in rectangular containers, until set would be superb.
    Meanwhile, my vintage, decorative, wall-hung, deviled egg plates will have to suffice with eggs au naturel.

  7. posted by Zig on

    I think it’s cute and it’s something different. If I had a party I might buy it to do something fun and diffent with eggs.


  8. posted by Michelle on

    I think it would be useful to put the slices on crackers and stuff like that.

  9. posted by Gayle on

    As some of the others remember… these were out in the 70s, I remember my mom having one as a kid.

    The novelty wore off almost immediately because aside from deviled eggs – which were a rarity in our house – we ate our hard-boileds mashed up into egg salad where the egg shape doesn’t matter.

    My mom also had a huge multitasker cemetary drawer. :)

  10. posted by Rae on

    While I most assuredly agree this is a unitasker, I’m one of the silly bento people who adore this device. I use it often enough to justify keeping it, and it does make some really neat deviled eggs. Whatever it takes to make making and taking my lunch more interesting – I’m in for.

  11. posted by Erin K. on

    For saltines, of course :)

  12. posted by Ed on

    I thought you’d boil the egg there, not squish it once cooked.
    I just lost the faith in it hahaha.
    for Anita, it would be an EGGloo

  13. posted by Albert on

    This has epic possiblities. I’m one step closer to tricking my friend into thinking his world has become an 8-bit video game. Otherwise, useless. But isn’t that enough to make mass production worth it?

  14. posted by Karen UK on

    For tidy sandwiches, of course! Wonderful :)
    You could have a stack for a party, drizzled with mayo – get a budding architect to give you a hand.
    Or use them like those wooden blocks you played with when you were 3 years old.
    Now I know what the ‘E’ in E=MC squared stands for….
    And you know those square crackers? Here’s the perfect topping.
    I’d better stop before I go square too!

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