Unclutter Your Life in One Week and a special bonus

Yesterday morning, my UPS delivery woman crushed my productivity when she brought me advance copies of my book:

I couldn’t stop staring at the books in the box. I was transfixed. I may have even cried a little — okay, more than a little. Writing a book has been at the top of my life’s to-do list since the first time I ever made a life to-do list. And writing this specific book has been a goal since I began my personal uncluttering adventure. Seeing the finished book in print and being able to hold it in my hands was one of the most incredible moments of my life.

Unclutter Your Life in One Week would not be possible without you, Unclutterer.com readers. In fact, you’re the first people thanked in the acknowledgments section of the book. As a sign of my appreciation, I want to offer you all something in return. I wish that I could give you a discount on the book, but the publishers and retailers have a tight lock on that part of the process. So, here is a special bonus that I can give without ruffling any feathers:

If you order Unclutter Your Life in One Week online before it is available in stores November 3, I will e-mail you PDF copies of the worksheets in the book as a free, special bonus. Simply fill out the special bonus form to redeem your PDFs. For those of you who have already ordered the book, feel welcome to fill out the form to get your copies.

All PDFs will be e-mailed to you on November 3. The PDFs are copies of worksheets in the book so that you don’t have to recreate them on your computer to use them — I’ve done the work for you already.

I have decided to do this promotion on the honor system. I am trusting you and taking your word for it that you ordered the book. And, along those same lines of the honor system, I’m also requesting that no one posts these PDFs online after you receive them. I want to offer something special just for Unclutterer readers, so I hope that you respect my requests.

This is a limited offer and it will disappear the night of November 2 from the website.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of the book’s content on the site, answering your questions about the book (for example: yes, my publisher has assured me that there will be an e-book available for pre-order and yes, it is being translated into French), and letting you know where and when I’ll be talking about and signing copies of the book. Thank you, again, for being such wonderful readers and making all of this possible.

(Thanks also to Tyler Cowan at Marginal Revolution for the special bonus idea.)

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  1. posted by Michele Connolly, Get Organized Wizard on

    Huge congrats, Erin!

    I hope you let the glow of that achievement linger for a long, long time.

    (It may be a while before your book comes out here in Australia, so I’ll have to get it on Amazon.)

    M :-)

  2. posted by Teresa on

    Does it count if I order it from a local site? Fishpond.co.nz – that way I don’t need to pay for expensive shipping from the states to NZ!

  3. posted by Greg - LiveItWithLess on

    Congratulations, it must be exciting for you having your own book! well done.

  4. posted by Linda on

    Can’t wait to read it. It’s so great to have a book published — especially one about a passion.

  5. posted by Dennis on

    Wonderful! Just pre-ordered through amazon.ca! Looking forward to putting all the great ideas to work for me!

  6. posted by Andy on

    I wish it were a paperback.

  7. posted by lalalee on

    OMG I am really excited, I am in Australia and thought that it would take forever to be released, and found that http://www.fishpond.com.au is doing preorders so I just put my order in! I hope that counts towards the PDF thing seeing as it isn’t amazon, but I would hope it would still be eligible!

  8. posted by Alexa on

    Just ordered your book through Amazon as I’m always waiting for my email with the latest posts in the morning! Congrats! (And, btw, it’s great that it’s eligible for Amazon Prime – I love that free shipping and I’ll get it sooner!)

  9. posted by Doug Ransom on

    Look out Katherine Gibson — http://www.clutterbook.com/ — with a similar book title, but no definite timeframe on the outcome!

  10. posted by Christy on

    Congratulations!!! As a person who is CONSTANTLY fighting her inner lazy, messy demon, I appreciate your steps on how to declutter. It was your website that helped me rid myself of unnecessaries when downsizing from a 2500 sq ft house to a 850 sq ft apartment. I look forward to purchasing your book – THANK YOU!

  11. posted by Shani on

    If it’s available in Kindle, I’ll definitely buy it! Congratulations Erin!

  12. posted by emily-sarah on

    Congratulations! The new-book smell ranks toward the top of the best-ever scents, especially when it is your “offspring.” Many prayers for huge success with it!

  13. posted by dico on

    Congratulations Erin,

    I’m looking forward to take my hands on this Book.


  14. posted by Cindy on

    Congratulations! I would cry too. :)

    I’m really looking forward to reading the book – I need all the help I can get!

  15. posted by Carol on

    Congratulations to you! I am sure that you are soooo excited and as someone who reads your blog daily I am very happy for you.

  16. posted by Rae on

    Oh my gosh! I’m so happy for you! I have enjoyed your website for years, and have received more help than I can begin to thank you for. Congrats, and you have my eternal appreciation. My copy has been ordered (and I’ve filled out the form). Yay for Amazon Prime!

  17. posted by SARAH on

    I would love to preorder for kindle. Do you have anything to do with that? I have uncluttered almost all of my paper books (except cookbooks) and don’t buy anything i cant read on my kindle of iphone. Thanks to you for that!

  18. posted by Alison on

    Really looking forward to this and love the excerpt on Amazon – ordering from UK Amazon.


  19. posted by Julie on

    I lurk here almost daily. Always love the workplace photo each week – its almost inspired me to clean up my home office and make some changes. My at-work office doesn’t have a clutter problem. It’s the home office where personal, self-employeed artist husband, kids, and daily stuff just seem to pile up. I pre-ordered for my early ‘to myself’ Christmas gift.

  20. posted by Vik on

    I’m interested, but a bit skeptical if it would help me. Can we get a list of the chapter titles or anything…?

  21. posted by Todd Peterson on


  22. posted by Tracy on

    Not up yet on e-reader site.

  23. posted by Kate Wilson on

    I pre-ordered off Amazon for only $14.95 for the book and $3.99 s&h. It was the most economical of the retailers listed.

  24. posted by Simple Living News Update: Week of October 19th on

    [...] Unclutter Your Life in One Week and a special bonus [...]

  25. posted by Adrienne Landry on

    I pre-ordered the Kindle version. I can’t wait to read it!

  26. posted by Connie on

    I am looking forward to your book! :-) Will the PDFs be emailed closer to the book release? I filled out the ‘bonus’ form, but have not received them yet. Thanks for all you do.

  27. posted by Debbie on

    Coupon at Barnes & Noble for new customers only. Of course, I just ordered the book at Amazon so missed out but you may want to try this coupon code at Barnes & Noble. This is from the Spoofee Deals website.

    Barnes & Noble – 20% Off Single Item for New Customers Coupon Code C3X7J9K at checkout. Exp : 2009-11-11

  28. posted by James E. Robinson, III on

    UPS says book is “Out for delivery”


  29. posted by John Holbrook on

    Ordered it in electronic format from Simon and Shusters’s as I’m in Canada and cannot order the mobi format file from Amazon.com. What I find really stupid is that if I went to their Canadian site I would’ve paid nearly $30CDN. Instead I ordered it from their US site which was $22US. With the CDN dollar nearly at par I saved a few bucks there. But why do I have to pay about $5 more than if I ordered the hard cover? That’s just stupid. Oh well, I’m trying to ‘de-clutter’ my life and go all electronic for my books so it was worth it.

  30. posted by Scott Wayne on

    Is there any way that those of us who purchased the Kindle version on Day 1 can get the PDFs? Would have preordered if I could!

  31. posted by Patsy Svare on

    Go Erin!
    The Mission Hills Book Babes has scheduled your book as its monthly reading selection! We are going to start with a “round-robin” closet tour, then gather in one Living Room to drink champagne, cheer your ideas, and launch our official decluttering. Congratulations!

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