All-in-One Card Stamp

Ji Lee, creative director for Google Creative Lab, created an “All-in-One Card Stamp” to make card sending simple.

Why buy many cards for different occasions if you can have an “One Card for All Occasions Stamp”? It saves time, money and headache.

I wholeheartedly agree that it saves time, money and headache, but I don’t know how my specific group of loved ones would respond. I think they would laugh the first time they received a card from me, but on second and third mailings it would start to wear thin. Utilitarian? Yes. Solution for everyone? No.

Still, I like it’s practical nature and that Ji Lee was thinking of ways to reduce clutter. What are your thoughts? Uncluttered and cool, or over-the-top minimalist?

(via NotCot)

54 Comments for “All-in-One Card Stamp”

  1. posted by Jacque Harper on

    Great one! Not a unitasker, a 14-in-one-tasker!!!

    I agree with JustMeJosh, it needs “_ Other:__________” then it’d be 15-in-one!

  2. posted by Albert R. on

    My friends would laugh at this. Verdict: worth it.

  3. posted by Veronica on

    it’s awesome and there are way too many people on this comments list taking this too seriously.

  4. posted by Lain on

    You could easily mask the “extra” greetings, ink only the greeting you want, or stamp them all on a sheet of paper, cut out the one you want, and adhere it to your card.

    I think it’s brilliant. Think outside the box, people!

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