35 luxury notebooks to organize your life

I’m a list keeper. I used to keep lists on stray pieces of paper around my office. Whatever was within reach would get a list on it — backs of envelopes, stray receipts, post-it notes. After I got the iPhone, my random paper list-making decreased significantly. The Notes application and I become fast friends.

However, I’ve once again found myself looking to good ol’ pen and paper to write down some of my ideas. Instead of turning to scraps of paper that will eventually clutter up my desk, I’ve decided to buy a notebook.

In my pursuit of finding the perfect notebook, I have discovered that there is a gigantic market of luxury notebooks out there. I honestly had no concept of how large it is. So, if you’re in the market for a good notebook to keep your ideas in one organized location, these are the brands to explore:

I made my decision about which to buy based on reviews I came across on a couple of notebook blogs. The blog Black Cover has pictures and reviews of some of the little black notebooks. And the website Notebook Stories has reviewed 19 different brands.

Are you a traditional notebook aficionado? Is there a brand or style that didn’t make my list? Please let us know about it in the comments!

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    The Swedish makers Rationella Media makes good quality notebooks. They have several series, e.g. the Nostalgia series which is similar to Moleskine, though of slightly better quality. Swedish paper, partly hand made. This is the 05647102 NOTEBOOK NOSTALGIA P. SQUARED:


    Don’t be let down by the fact that their English website sucks. The pictures are sometimes very bad. Main page:


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    I just recently fell in love with KIT by Russel+Hazel avaliable at Target. There are little binders that your customize to your needs, and there are affordable. A little luxury for a nice little number.

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    I loved the moleskins till I meet the large soft cover Piccadilly note books, which I use to journal in but I love/adore the Bluenote hard cover 192 page notebooks, I use this for all planning and it works beautifully as it has tabs and an index area in front.

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    Opp, it’s Blueline not Bluenote, can you tell it’s past my bedtime!

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