Bluetooth keyboard with integrated trackpad eliminates wires and multiple devices

During a recent visit to Chicago, I took some time to setup a Home Theater PC for my parents, which they now use to watch Blu-ray movies and television programs streamed over the web.

Unfortunately, the effective range of their old wireless keyboard and mouse was just shy of the distance between the PC and the sofa. It was also somewhat frustrating to have to use the optical mouse either on the upholstry or a on a knee. A better solution was clearly warranted.

I was very pleased to eventually find the Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro. It has an integrated trackpad, so the mouse problem was eliminated. Bluetooth connectivity gives the device a range of about 30 feet, which now lets them use it from anywhere in the room.

Although this keyboard is marketed for the PlayStation 3, it works just fine with a Mac or a PC.

In addition to being a cable-free solution, it’s also better looking than most Bluetooth keyboards.

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  1. posted by samu on

    Nice. The perfect one for me, though, would be Apple’s Bluetooth Keyboard with a ThinkPad-style nipple to point with. Alternatively, it’d be nice if the touchpad could slide into the main body when not needed.

    Damn it, there are people who get well paid to think about this kind of thing, and actually get to see the stuff made up. Ennnnnnnnnvyyyyyyyyyyy.

  2. posted by Smick on

    This keyboard is close to the Logitech DiNovo Edge. They’ve done this before years ago. The Dinovo Edge is a pretty device with perfect keys. I like it, though I haven’t exploited it all for media center use. The problem looks like it hasn’t been resolved here fully either, which is, the trackpad needs to be bigger. Given that they’ve eliminated my number pad, I should benefit at least from a sizeable trackpad to navigate across huge 1920+ displays.

  3. posted by Kira =] on

    Ah snap! that is very cool! we’ve been toying with the idea of a media mac or pc for the same thing. Thanks for the information. =]

  4. posted by Phil G on

    I bought this about 8 months ago… it works great with my Mac, my XP machine and my Windows 7 machine… Vista, not so much :-(

  5. posted by Benjamin M. Strozykowski on

    If there were a split-key model with a multi-touch Apple trackpad, I’d be all over it.

    But for this purpose (the HTPC), it seems perfect!

  6. posted by Andrea on

    This would be much more awesome if it came in a left-handed version for those of us who either are left-handed, or have over-moused our right hand so badly that we can’t use it that way anymore. (Or… both!)

    Trackpad centered in a split-key setup would be even better.

  7. posted by Christine on

    Ditto on the left-handed version. I learned to use a mouse with my right hand, but I seem to use mostly my left hand on a trackpad. A centered trackpad would be ideal.

    Wonderful idea though! We have an apple wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse that we make do with for our tv mac, and it would be nice to combine the two into one.

  8. posted by sims on

    has anybody compared this with the apple wireless keyboard?

    i need a wireless keyboard for times when i travel. so i would love people’s take on this vs apple.

    1. how do the keys feel vs the apple
    2. how bulky is it vs the apple
    3. any other thing to keep in mind?

  9. posted by timgray on

    trackpad? yuck.

    you cant do any serious work on a trackpad. The ONLY time I use one is when I am forced to on my laptop, otherwise the wireless mouse comes out and into play.

  10. posted by Zach on

    A friend of mine was showing me the Microsoft BT keyboard he uses for his media PC — it’s actually much better b/c the pointing device is on one side, and the buttons are on the other. You can grip it like a game controller and to the mousing with your thumbs. This one doesn’t look like it would be fun to mouse with, unless you have it on your lap, I guess.

  11. posted by Matt on

    Here is an interesting alternative with the touchpad centered. (Although I haven’t actually tried it).

  12. posted by erin on

    Nice. In addition to eliminating the cord clutter, you are also eliminating a cords with yucky chemicals that you really don’t want to touch.

  13. posted by vmguy on

    Whatever you do, stay away from the Microsoft wireless keyboard 6000. I bought one because of the 30-foot range. It loses keystrokes and mouse movements within 2 feet. Completely useless.

    The Logitech MX5500 is a joy to work with. Bluetooth, and it is very responsive and reliable.

    It comes with a mouse … a trackpad on the side would have been ok, but under my typing hands … triggering random mouse movements as I type … no thanks.

    Also have wireless Mac kb/mouse, which has equivalent range and is easy to work with.

  14. posted by Michael S on

    I picked up an RF wireless with a built in trackball. Should have gone bluetooth. The trackball is by the right thumb which is perfect (i prefer trackball over trackpad) but the keys get don’t always register (definitely an RF issue).

  15. posted by sims on

    i tried testing a microsoft keyboard over the last two days. however, i trip up a lot with the fact that the (in reality ) is swapped with the Alt key when compared with the Mac keyboard.

    so i am realizing that given I use my Macbook Pros keyboard a lot, I can only opt for the Apple external keyboard – wireless or otherwise. I want wireless because I can travel with it, I want wired because I do occasionally use the num pad and the extra delete key on the wired apple keyboard.

    Mac complications! :)

  16. posted by Paul on

    Not a full substitute but a 75% solution for a home theater set upt is to enable an ipod touch or iphone to act as a keyboard and mouse. Better range than bluetooth (as it uses wifi) and it’s free. Otherwise, am still waiting for the perfect bluetooth keyboard/pointing device at a reasonable price. Adesso has some products that come close but aren’t quite there yet.

  17. posted by Antla on

    I personally use a Logitech Dinovo Mini for my HTPC. Since I use the PC mainly for movies and TV-shows, the small keys are good enough for the occasional typing. It also small enough to give me a TV-remote feeling, just perfect. Excellent battery life as well.

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