Organizing food storage wraps

If you’re not lucky enough to have a designated drawer for food storage wraps in your kitchen, you probably have to sacrifice space in your pantry or cupboards for plastic wrap, wax paper, parchment paper, aluminum foil, plastic sandwich bags, freezer paper, cellophane bags, reusable shopping bags, and reusable produce bags. I have to store these items in my pantry, too, and I have been considering the following items to help better organize my space:

Right now, the wrap shelves and the bag holder are what I think I’m going to buy. What do you use to organize your food storage wraps in your kitchen? Or, are you one of the lucky ones with a designated drawer? Tell us about your food storage wrap situation in the comments.

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  1. posted by Eden on

    The racks never worked for me. A shallow drawer has worked best but w/ kids, I use a shelf in an upper cabinet with a “helper shelf” to add more storage. It works really well.

  2. posted by Michele on

    Our wraps and foils have a whole cabinet to themselves, but they still tumble everywhere, and the one I want is always in the back, so I have to fumble and curse to retrieve it.

    My dream solution would be to mount them on the inside of a large door, so the boxes stay still and only the product itself can be pulled (if you’ve ever seen the wire thing they use to unroll a red carpet, it’s like that). Unfortunately, our inner pantry door is already covered by a giant spice rack.

  3. posted by Betsy on

    I use a cardboard box that was originally the box for 4 new (small) wine glasses. The dividers that came with the box keep my plastic wrap, foil, wax paper, and storage bags upright and separate; the box is sturdy enough that it doesn’t fall over if I pull the whole thing out of the cabinet. Easy and free….

  4. posted by Kai on

    An empty kneenex box is an excellent plastic bag holder. just stuff them through the plastic top, and pull them out one at a time. It works amazingly well, from something you probably otherwise have to get rid of anyways.

  5. posted by susan on inevitably find the clutter hotspots! This is an area I keep meaning to get to… do you read my mind every time?

    I have some feedback about your options. I hope these feedbacks from everyone helps you make your decision. They certainly help me! Thanks everyone for your inputs and suggestions.

    — wrap rack and wrap shelves…why spend the money on something when you can just stack the boxes in the pantry just the same? These two make no cents to me. :)

    — I recommend against the attachable wrap rack you are considering. It is not flexible enough to accomodate different sizes. With a wire rack (like Grayline- the one right next to this one on Amazon on the page), you can have a few small ones or different combos as your wrap needs change. Keep in mind future needs. Maybe you have 4 wrap boxes of a certain size right now..but what if in 5 months the box sizes are different on sale at a great buy? Are you going to pass up a good buy because your 4 hole wrap rack doesn’t fit that size?

    –the over the door hanger seems ok, if you are ok with seeing the hanger on the front of your cabinet. I personally wouldn’t like to see the two things on the front of my cabinets. Personal preference I guess.

    –I kinda like the under the shelf wrap holder. I may get this. Anyone have any interesting feedback about this?
    Feedback like someone above posted about the wire wrap- when I used to have one, I did notice that if the rack is not full, the boxes all tip over and get caught in the door.

    –I like the bag holder. I have a cheap plastic one on my under the sink door and I like it. The Ikea $2 one looks good. The silver one is nice, but do you really need to spend that much money on one that is inside the door and you can’t see? If you plan on hanging it on a wall in plain view, yes, get this one. Otherwise, save your pennies.

    I also use nice tissue boxes in my car, garage, and second floor for disposable bags. I only use reusable cloth bags for shopping now (for about a year), and any left over plastic bags that aren’t in the 4 holders, get donated to the charity thrift store in town.

    If you want to save some money and still stay organized, skip the bag holder, and use tissue box concept. It is in a cabinet, so what does it matter? And you can attach the box to the cabinet door to get it out of the way too….with double sided tape, etc.
    I also heavily recommend using the reusable bags. They are sturdy, don’t take up a lot of room, can be stashed in your trunk or in your shopping cart, and save you money (all my stores give me 5 cent credit PER BAG per shopping trip…which definitely adds up over time).

    So you can stay organized and not spend muc moola at all!

  6. posted by Jeanne Thelwell on

    I think I got this idea from America’s Test Kitchen, but I use a beer six-pack carton and stand the wraps in the compartments. It holds all but the largest rolls, and for those, I simply break the separator between cartons. It’s convenient, because I can carry it to the counter where I’m working,.

  7. posted by Stina on

    I try to go plastic-free, so I store my food in reusable containers. No need for plastic bags. Those containers have a place in one of my cupboards.

  8. posted by deimm on

    I didn’t want to sacrifice a drawer to wraps and bags, which I use for cooking ahead and packing lunches when reusable containers don’t serve the purpose. Our cabinet doors are too small and thin for a screw on organizer, so I bought two small rectangular wastebaskets at the dollar store. They are wide enough to hold six boxes, or all of my ziplock sizes, which I remove from the boxes and store each size in a gallon bag. The wastebaskets fit along one side of a bottom cabinet.

  9. posted by Fia on

    I personally use a wrap rack for easy access whenever I’m preparing food for my family. I have different kinds of wraps, such as plastic wraps, parchment paper, wax paper, aluminum foil/wrap, etc. Since I’m a sucker for kitchen organizers, I’m also thinking of getting a bag holder for reusable shopping bags to save space and help the environment, too.

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