Displaying holiday greeting cards

Recently, while my wife was reading an issue of Martha Stewart Living, she found an easy and creative way to display holiday cards using ribbon and a hole punch. In our current home, we don’t have mantle space for the cards we receive, so, rather than cluttering up a table or other flat surface, my wife decided to implement the idea she found in the magazine. (The picture to the right is the result.)

Apartment Therapy recently posted a question from one of their readers about displaying holiday cards. They feature a couple of options from Pottery Barn. These options cost $50 while my wife’s only cost under $6. The option my wife implemented displays the cards while keeping them out of the way. It is also cheap and, most importantly, simple.

How do you display holiday cards in your home? Feel free to add your ideas in the comments.

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  1. posted by susan on

    My brother-in-law sets a tomato cage upside down on the buffet in their dining room, tapes the three “legs” together and attaches their Christmas cards to it. It makes for a very pretty display and only takes a few seconds to tape an incoming card to it. I also like the idea of using an item that most gardeners have in storage during the winter.

  2. posted by In the Loop - Great Christmas Links « Lifestyles of the Organized on

    [...] Unclutterer offers a unique idea for Displaying holiday greeting cards. [...]

  3. posted by Christmas Card Display | Mommy Points on

    [...] Unclutterer uses decorative ribbon and a hole punch and ties the cards to their bannister. [...]

  4. posted by Crystal on

    I like to wrap a bulletin board in gift wrap paper, then use tacks to stick the cards onto it. The wrapping paper hides the cork, and makes a festive background.

  5. posted by KP on

    Kit, “bahhumbug!” You should feel blessed that you have so many people in your life that care enough to think about you and send you cards. There are plenty of lonely people out there that would love to know that so many people were thinking about them.
    I always display our holiday cards by taping them in an attractive pattern on a blank wall in our house. It reminds me for the whole Christmas season how fortunate my family is to have so many friends and loved ones!

  6. posted by Karen on

    I’m not displaying my cards this year — not enough time at home, not worth the effort — but I usually just string up some thin wire garland, the kind with mylar stars hanging off of it, and attach the cards to it with pretty binder clips. All the parts fit into one section of my ornament box, and if I ever want new garland, I’ll use the old one on presents.

  7. posted by DJH on

    I use small magnets I purchased from Michaels and hang ours on the fridge. No messy tape residue to clean when they come down.

  8. posted by Kari on

    For life beyond display at the holidays, here are a few ideas.

    I’ve heard of people who keep them in a basket and pull a new one forward every week or so throughout the year and then use that as a reminder to pray for the person or people who sent the card.

    I’ve covered cardboard boxes with Christmas card fronts and then use those boxes to store Christmas decorations. They’re easy to spot in our loft when it’s time to take the boxes down.

    And, I’ve seen placemats made with old card fronts glued together, the whole thing then laminated.

  9. posted by Maria on

    What about punching a hole in your cards and stringing them on to a pretty ribbon and then using your curtain rods to tie the ribbon on to. This way your cards create a swag affect on the window.

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