Pet hair gets everywhere

My home has been cat free for eight months now. It wasn’t by choice. Our two cats passed away within a year of each other and we are waiting until our daughter is a bit older to get a new kitten. I definitely miss having a cat, but one thing I don’t miss is cleaning up cat hair all the time. It is a never-ending task that gets old quickly.

We are currently awaiting the possibility of cat-sitting for my in-laws when they travel to Florida for the winter. My daughter (pictured with the cat in question) will absolutely be thrilled with this, and I must admit that I’m excited to have a cat in the house again. After my initial excitement, the next thing I thought of was the return of cat hair. It is definitely a negative aspect of owning a pet. Dogs aren’t much better in this regard, so I’ll include them in this post. My mom spent many hours vacuuming up black hair from her carpets from the Labrador they had years ago.

Here are some tips I came across recently when looking for solutions:

Grooming: Brushing your pet regularly will decrease the amount of hair that ends up on the floor and furniture. You may also look into a corner comb.

Furniture and Floors: Vacuuming regularly is a must. It doesn’t matter if you groom regularly, the hair will find its way to the floor and furniture. You may want to instill a no furniture rule for your pet to curb furniture fur.

Clothing: The lint roller is a necessary evil if you plan to exit the house hair free. Also, don’t leave clothes out  on the floor. Most cats love to lie on clothing left on the floor.

Also, I went back and explored Erin’s previous post on Taming pet fur tumbleweeds. The Furminator will definitely be something we purchase.

How about you? What do you do to keep pet hair from taking over your home?

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  1. posted by Laura on

    Love the Furminator! With two cats and one dog, it has been a lifesaver. I was initially skeptical, but the money-back guarantee made me take a chance. I pulled enough hair off the Maine Coon cat to put the pile in the advertisement to shame. Best of all: no more matting!

  2. posted by Jules on

    There is a “Patented” solution for the removal of pet hairs ingrained in carpets and can be used for the cleaning of upholstery seats in auto’s.

    The solution is an attachment marketed under the name “Hairyhog” that universally fits on a vacuum cleaner, easly fitted, and it really works in removing the hairs without loss of suction and blocked intake pipe.

    The attachment can be obtained from
    Best of all they they include a lint brush in the price.Good luck!

  3. posted by gina on

    we recently added a little yorkie mix dog to our family…she is great, but sheds alot. I vacuum often, but have noticed alot of hair on my stairway. I use a swiffer carpetflick for my stairway, between vacuuming. They work great, and you can also get underneath the edges of furniture.

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