Too many flower vases

As I was looking for something in my kitchen, I came across a cupboard that was filled with multiple flower vases. Over the years, my wife and I have received a fair amount of mail ordered flowers and with every order there is always a small glass vase included. Apparently, these vases all found their way into the same cupboard and now I’m trying to figure out what to do with them.

My first thought was to take them down to my local Goodwill, but I always remember seeing an abundance of vases at thrift stores. So, I decided against that. Then I called a local florist to see if they would be interested in reusing some flower vases for their deliveries. They were not very receptive to the idea. Maybe they thought I would return them with some sort of flower killing disease. Then I tried to figure out what I could use them for around the house other than storing loose change. I could use them for their purpose and display beautiful flowers each and every day, but buying flowers every week isn’t going to happen. I’d have to purchase quite a few bouquets just to put all the vases to use.

So what can I do with all of these vases? I’d be happy to receive some feedback in the comments and I’m sure some of our readers have the same issue of flower vases taking up way too much storage space. Lets get a collection of ideas brewing in the comments section.

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  1. posted by Robin L. on

    Save one for holding utensils next to the stove. I ditto on the nonprofits needing vases for banquets and hospitals wanting them. I have a friend who uses them, upside down, for trimming pathways in her garden.

  2. posted by tw``` on

    If you belong to a church or other place of worship, they may need them to take altar flowers after Services to the homebound or sick parishioners…. at least this is what ours does. They always need plain vases.

  3. posted by m on

    My local florist is always delighted to get them.

  4. posted by K-MAP on

    Fantastic Ideas! I’m sorry I got here so late. I had a bunch of cylinder vases left over from my wedding. Now I cover them with scrapbook paper or fabric and use them as candle-holders for entertaining. It is a cheap way to change the decor every time. Not sure if you ever made paper-bag luminaries, but you can place sand and tea-lights in the bottom of the vases and line you front walkway of your home with candlelight if you hosting a special evening event. Your guests will be guiding straight to the front door. Enjoy! K-MAP

  5. posted by brista on

    I’d just freecycle it and be done with it, personally!

  6. posted by jen on

    I’m a florist and always accept vases. It cuts the costs for my arrangements thus allowing me to make full bouquets for an inexpensive rate. It’s pretty sad that your local florists wouldn’t accept them.

  7. posted by Molly on

    Turn it upside down and use it to hold plates, bowls, etc. that need to be higher on a buffet. Or to make sure a short plant gets sunshine.

  8. posted by Wynell on

    Wash and dry them. Put them all in a big box you can carry. Take them to a small florist–not a chain when no othe customers are there. Offer them to the owner at a ridiculously low price. He’ll take yours just like he did mine.

  9. posted by Just Breathe on

    One local florist uses the vases to distribute free flowers to nursing homes whenever the flowers might go to waste.

    Another local florist offered me free flowers for the vases.

    I cleaned the vases well, and then washed them in the dishwasher to sanitize them before I took to the florist.

  10. posted by brokensaint on

    For those saying that you should avoid spending all your time on it – join freecycle. Doesn’t take but a second to list them, someone will want them, and you’re not contributing to landfills.

  11. posted by Wanda on

    Contact your local hospice. I’m a volunteer coordinator for Avalon hospice and we recycle floral bouquets and deliver the flowers weekly to our hospice patients. So we are always in need of used flower vases. Please consider donation to your local hospice.

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