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My wife and I currently have a rather sparse bedroom when it comes to decor. Since we moved into our smaller house, we have yet to purchase anything for our bedroom. When we downsized our home, we got rid of a lot of furniture and we just haven’t had the chance to make decisions about decorating our bedroom. As it is right now, the room only has a bed. There is nothing else in the room. I have become rather used to such an arrangement since bedrooms are for sleeping, but the lack of storage is an issue.

Like I said, our bedroom is sparse. We only have a bed and even that doesn’t include a headboard at the moment. So the issue of storing extra sheets, blankets, pillows and clothing has been designated to our closets on another floor. Our bedroom doesn’t have closets, so it gets kind of annoying at times. We are eventually going to invest in a dresser, but I’m not exactly sure what else we will need. I’d like to have a bed-side table for each side of the bed. Other than those items, I don’t see much else that we would need for a bedroom. We might want a trunk at the foot of our bed for storing extra sheets and our heavier comforter, but that’s about it.

Excess storage in the bedroom can lead to expanding one’s wardrobe beyond what is needed. If there is a place to store something, chances are you will hold on to it. That’s what I’m trying to guard against. I don’t want to invest in too much storage just to pack it full of clothing that we eventually forget we own. Here are some ideas we’ve been throwing around:

Under the bed storage: We are trying to put all the space in our closet-less bedroom to use. Seasonal clothes can be stored in plastic under the bed storage boxes.

Dresser, armoire or both?: I have to go through my clothes and sort them into a “keep” pile and a “donation” pile, again. Even after that we will have to find a decent sized dresser to store our clothes. We are not settled on either, but we definitely need to find something with plenty of storage. It will likely come down to whichever ends up having more storage.

Captain bed: My wife isn’t too fond of this idea, but I figured a captain bed would be a two-in-one solution to the storage issue. It would serve as a bed frame and add about six drawers of storage underneath the mattress.

Do any of our readers have some insightful suggestions as to solutions to bedroom storage for closet-less bedrooms?

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  1. posted by Roxanna on

    You can invest in 2 trunks and have moveable shelves built it so that your can put your cloths in it that do not need to be hung but at the same time you can also attach a cushion to the top of the trunk and use it for seating. I would honestly just get 2 large painted screens and mount them on wheels and have some portable cloths hangers behind them. That way there is something nice to look at, its not obviously a closet area and it can also be used as a changing area as well.

    As for the Captain’s bed I am all for it as they offer TONS of space saving availability.

  2. posted by Vicki on

    I haven’t read EVERY comment posted, so forgive me if this has already been suggested… we purchased a platform bed foundation from Ikea that is shapped like a box-spring, but it holds a slat foundation top that is hinged and lifts up from the foot-end of the bed. So we have a hidden queen-sized storage area that is about 10 inches deep – PLUS a very comfortable bed. We also purchased 8″ legs for the foundation and the attractive wicker under-bed storage baskets.

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    I saw it and went “Wow.” One of these days I’ll probably get it, but not until I’ve settled into my own place and stop moving every year.

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    [...] referred to as a captain bed, a storage bed can take the place of a bedroom closet or dresser. I wrote about bedroom storage a couple of weeks back, but I thought I would expand upon the storage bed as a space-saving option. [...]

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    posted by kbfenner on

    We had a captain’s bed. Stubbed many toes and drawers stuck. Get a god quality one, if you get one.

    I have seen a closet created by stealing space along a whole wall–you frame it out and install bi-fold doors (or barn-style sliders) across it, and I have seen floor-to-ceiling stock cabinets installed along one wall. Obviously this only works if you have the room to spare, but it looks wonderfully sleek and minimalist. You can then outfit them with hanging rods, shelves, drawers, and so on to suit. It would surely add great resale value.

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