Unitasker Wednesday: Onion goggles

Say goodbye to the dreaded vapors (syn-propanethial-S-oxide) that make your eyes water when you are cutting onions. The first time I encountered this phenomenon was as a small child watching my grandmother work in her kitchen. She was tearing up and I asked her why she was crying. She explained the reason behind her onion tears and I learned a valuable lesson. That lesson? Always wear protective goggles while cutting onions.

Yes, my grandmother could have avoided the toll onions took on her tear ducts by investing in some Onion Goggles, but I’m pretty sure these are fairly new, so she never had a chance to use them. Poor grammy. Fortunately for you, now you have the chance to overcome this obstacle in onion slicing. Don’t let your eyes tear up uncontrollably again! Take control of the situation and slip on some Onion Goggles.

Thanks to reader Katy for bringing this unitasker to our attention. 

**Each week, the Unitasker Wednesday column humorously pokes fun at the unnecessary, single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Pati on

    Along with SueZ I also have severe dry eye syndrome and Onion goggles help me get through the day. I wear them while driving or commuting on the train as well as at work. These goggles serve as a moisture chamber and make my day a little more bearable.

    So, while the goggles can be unitaskers for some, for others they are an essential part of everyday life.

  2. posted by Carolyn on

    I too have this problem, to the point that even when DH chops onions I have to leave the room. Never had it until I quit wearing contacts after daily use for 20 years. My eyes must just be really sensitive after being shielded all this time.

    Seems that the suggestions for regular goggles are a more economical solution than these might be, though.

  3. posted by threehams on

    Any goggles will work, of course – I have a pair of $10 army surplus WWII goggles that were bought for a completely different purpose (good old subculture fashion), but work just the same.

    Any other remedies are either ineffective or more work than they’re worth. Putting on a random pair of goggles takes five seconds; moving a cutting board to the sink for running water, or taking the time to light a candle every time you cut an onion is kind of ridiculous in comparison.

    $20 for neon color ONION GOGGLES is pretty funny, though.

  4. posted by Piper on

    I use an old pair of safety goggles that I had to buy for my Chemistry class. They keep me from crying, and they’re useful for other projects I do.

  5. posted by mur on

    Earlier today I cut onions and thought my eyes were burning out of my sockets! Cutting onions over the stove vent is a great idea – will try that next time. The candle thing never worked for me.

    For some people, using a sweet onion (Vidalia, 1015, Maui, etc.) will ease some of the reaction.

  6. posted by Crystal on

    I always had a horrible time when chopping onions until I read that you should rinse the onion in cold water (after peeling, before chopping). I tried it and it worked perfectly. I’ve passed the tip along to other friends and everyone has said it works for them as well.

  7. posted by Ken on

    I just saw these on Castle (tv show) and thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever. Glasses just to cut unions? Our hunter-gatherer ancestors are rolling over in their graves.

  8. posted by Chelsea on

    This is what chemistry goggles were made for, keeping chemicals out of your eyes! Also they’re cheaper and they can fit over your glasses. After I’m done with all my chem classes, I’ll still keep them. I’ve already used them more for things outside of class than I have in class.

  9. posted by Amy on

    Wow! Do the Unitasker staff ever have a bet on which items will have a reader backlash?

  10. posted by KP on

    You hold UNLIT matches in your mouth people! I’m laughing at the thought of someone holding two – or even a whole book – of matches in their mouth trying to chop onions! :-D

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