No more need for a big salad spinner

Mighty Haus, Maggie Mason’s home shopping blog, recently reviewed Green Feet’s Reusable Salad Spinner Bags. The bags caught my attention as being perfect alternatives to the bulky, yet efficient, salad spinner. From Green Feet’s website:

Yes! No more bulky salad spinners, paper or terry towels! These Spin n store bags are compact, reusable bags that spin freshly washed salad, collect water in the attached reservoir (which can easily be drained), store the salad and then can be reused over and over again.

Store bags conveniently in a kitchen drawer. Perfect for campers, RV’s, boats and apartment dwellers.

Have any of you tried these bags? If they’re worthwhile, I may actually get rid of the large salad spinner I have that takes up an inordinate amount of space in my kitchen cabinets.

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  1. posted by Michael G on


    Would it really need to go to the landfill right away? How about donate, give away, garage sale? lots of other options.

    Also I’ve done away with salad altogether. I’ve recently taken to a program that involves eating nothing but blueberry Poptarts. I don’t need a colander, tea towel or pillow case for those. Well actually the pillow case has come in handy for slamming them against the side of the cupboard to break them up so I can pour milk on them and eat them like cereal when the mood strikes me. It does get old after a few weeks always eating the same way. So I’ve decided to keep my blender too, as they they make a nice smoothy. They come in a space saving hermetically sealed mylar packet. This move to BPTs has been uncluttering at its best. And what with the blueberries, they’re so loaded with antioxidants that I really don’t need to eat any other foods at all. Also no bugs. No dirt. There’s just no downside here. I should start another blog just about this diet.

  2. posted by Sisterfunkhaus on

    I put my greens in a strainer, put a bit of microfiber toweling on top and within 5 minutes, they are dry.

  3. posted by spiffytj on

    On the plastic-bag-salad-washer subject, there is a device that lets you wash bags in the dishwasher…yes it may be a unitasker, but it doesn’t take up much space. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the product’s name.

    Anyway I’ve always hated making salads because growing up I’d have to hand wash each individual piece of lettuce (I don’t want to eat bugs or dirt) and lay them out to dry on a cloth or a paper towel. It took FOREVER.

    I don’t like the idea of using cloth b/c I fear dust and germs would be on the cloth by the time I used it after washing, so then that would be in my salad.

    An older lady raved about salad spinners and bought me a cheap one, but it was made with holes in the bottom of the outer bowl and I don’t understand how the lettuce can get clean if the leaves can’t be rubbing against each other like clothes in a washing machine because the holes won’t allow that to occur. Plus, the spinner is sometimes hard to operate because the crank and the basket aren’t always aligned properly. I don’t cook much so when people have me bring something over for dinner they tend to say, “Oh, just bring a salad!” and I absolutely HATE making them because it’s too much work….so I buy bagged salad and pray over each meal :)

    Please advise and be nice. I know this sounds like a joke. I do have a smile on my face as I’m typing, but my question is real and I’ve never had a place to ask it..I never thought people would be conversing so much about making salads. Thanks!!

  4. posted by hyrcan on

    Ugh. Just what this planet needs.

    Another plastic bag.

    This product has FAIL written all over it. And GreenFeet should be ashamed of even offering it.

    As for “Salad Spinners” in general… It’s amazing how the ancient Romans and Greeks ever got around to enjoying salads at all without the use of a specialized device to shake the water off the greens. I mean really how could anyone ever stand to eat a salad if there were a few drops of water on the greens…

  5. posted by Alison on

    I’ve used these, and they’re okay. I had to tug on the bottom of the bag to open up the drain channels to let the water out of the main compartment, but I washed and dried a small amount of greens quite quickly.

    They are, just like ziplock bags, a nuisance to clean. I wouldn’t use them daily, but they would be great for camping or the like.

  6. posted by gypsypacker on

    The metal mesh spinners which fold flat are great, and can be used for carrying produce in from the garden and washing it. Someone out there will object to them because it requires that you do your own spinning. Take it outside, sling it around, and the water is gone. Just a smaller yard sprinkler! Lordy, I hate plastic bags!

  7. posted by Nine on

    My salad spinner doubles as a washing bowl for the salad (or even a mixing bowl if one of the housemates has confiscated the actual salad bowl). The basket doubles as a strainer. Not a unitasker at all ;)

    On holiday I use a colander and a teatowel to spin the salad leaves dry. But I like the convenience of a ‘solid’ spinner because I don’t have to step outside to use it!

  8. posted by kcpaull on

    I just got my salad spinner last year. Until then I’d either used a colander or tea towels. The salad spinner is so much more effecient and easy to use. Plus I don’t have so many tea towels to wash. As for multi-tasking, my salad spinner has endless uses. I haven’t used it for laundry, but then I don’t have anything that is so delicate my washer can’t handle. I have a cat who has to have meds twice a day and I wash the oral syringes in my salad spinner and spin the water out of them. I also use the salad spinner for my home grown veggies, pasta and occasionally for salad. If you think it’s a uni-tasker, you just have no imagination.

  9. posted by Donnaorleans on

    I saw Alton Brown from Good Eats use one the other night for making fresh hashbrowns. I’ve always been unable to get all the liquid out of the grated potatoes for hashbrowns and it comes out a gray glue. I bought a salad spinner today for $1 at a thrift store just to try this. He also added fresh, diced onions to the potatoes before he spun them. Sure looks like it would work and I can’t wait to try it!

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