How to write in books that aren’t yours

Checking books out for the library is a good strategy for reducing book clutter in your home. However, if you check a book out from the library, you can’t write in it.

I am someone who has “writes in books” as a character trait. Phrases that speak to me, clues in mystery novels, and things I want to remember get scribbled in the margins of most every book I read. In college, my text books resembled works of art with highlighting, drawings, and notes. I can’t just idly track my eyes across a page, I want to interact with the text.

When I check books out from the library or borrow a book from a friend, I use post-it notes or scrap paper to keep track of my ideas so that I don’t deface a book I shouldn’t. My world of writing in books was completely turned upside down earlier this month, however, when I discovered Sheer Colors Post-it notes:

If you’re like me and enjoy taking permanent pens and highlighters to books, the 3M Sheer Colors Post-it notes can make non-permanent ownership of books a lot more enjoyable.

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  1. posted by Rebekah on

    Now if only they’d come up with a decent solution for highlighting and writing notes in Kindle and other readers, we could save the environment and out minds too!

  2. posted by victoria on

    to all the folks looking for these. 3M discontinued these in 2007, without great amounts of calls they will not return them. but i found similar semitransparent sticky note from a company in china except they have a minimum order of like US $10,000… a bit out of my budget, so if anyone wants to go into business i will send copy of email i received and buy from you..

  3. posted by Once again, write in books that aren’t yours on

    [...] in 2008, we wrote a raving review of 3M’s Sheer Colors Post-It Notes. These transparent sticky notes were amazing because they made it simple to write in books that [...]

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