Scooter your way to clutter-free transportation

Today, we welcome a guest post from Unclutterer reader Anjali Prasertong. Thank you, Anjali, for coming up with such a terrific post to share with our readers!

As gas prices creep ever higher, rush-hour traffic clogs the streets and glaciers melt into the sea, I’m zipping through town on my scooter, car- and guilt-free. At least once a week I’m approached by a stranger curious about my scooter; many people, it seems, are looking to escape their cars. For those looking to reduce clutter in their lives, riding a scooter or motorcycle makes a lot of sense.

Unclutter your space
With a scooter and its limited under-seat storage, not only am I unable to accumulate the kind of clutter that used to fill my car, I’m also prevented from bringing more clutter into my life. It’s impossible to walk into a store looking for a light bulb and walk out with three bags of stuff I “remembered” I needed — I simply can’t carry it home. With under-seat space at a premium, I think more critically about my purchases and inevitably end up buying less.

Unclutter your mind
One unexpected benefit of riding a scooter or motorcycle is the focus it requires. As a rider, you must constantly be on the defensive, aware of your surroundings and free from distractions. No radio, no iPod, no cell phone, no trying to read the directions while simultaneously eating a sandwich and applying mascara. I find that having to be completely focused on what I am doing is meditative, leaving me feeling refreshed at the end of my commute instead of worn out. (The significant amount of time I save by skipping to the head of long lines of traffic helps, too.)

Unclutter the environment
My scooter, the popular and affordable Buddy 125, gets a whopping 90 mpg. Larger motorcycles are less fuel efficient, but still get more miles per gallon than some hybrid cars. According to a study by Piaggio, the makers of the Vespa scooter, if Americans used scooters for just 10 percent of their total mileage, we could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 324 million pounds every day. You don’t have to quit driving cold-turkey in order to make a positive impact on the environment. Any time you choose to ride instead of drive, you’ll lighten the carbon load.

Plus, you’ll have more fun! During the sunny days of spring, there’s nothing I like better than hopping on my scooter for a jaunt around town — even just to run errands. Being out in the open rather than locked in my car makes me feel more connected with my surroundings, experiencing the world around me instead of observing it through a windshield.

If you do decide to give riding a try, make sure to take a safety course through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and always wear a Department of Transportation-approved helmet. Happy riding!

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  1. posted by karen on

    Having motorbikes has increased the clutter in our flat! We put some shelves and coat hangers in the hallway so it can all be stacked neatly.

    But they are worth it for the 30 mile commute to work, and I’ve used mine every month this year.

  2. posted by Buck Burns on

    Don’t know where you live Michael, but if you live in the U.S. I’d suggest you check your state vehicle code. In California, where I live, and as far as I know in every other state, bicycles are defined as vehicles–CVC 21200 states “Bicyclists have all the rights and responsibilities of vehicle owners”. That means a right to the road.

    Statistically, it is far safer for a cyclist to ride in the street, by the way. Pedestrians have double the accident rate of cyclists due to drivers popping out of driveways and right hooking folks in crosswalks.

  3. posted by Michael on

    I realy, really miss my scooter. I had one for three months and absolutely loved the experience, until it got stolen! Riding a scooter does unclutter your mind for sure; I once rode it on the M1 (the biggest motorway in the UK, about equivalent to the 405 in L.A.) and was absolutely terrified for the entire trip, but it made me feel alive!

  4. posted by Seamus on

    I ride a kymco agility 50 scooter 9 months out of the year. I put on 2,500+ miles on it so far since 9/5/07. I get 90+mpg. In worcester,ma. i deal with bleeping bad drivers daily. Its like im not there so most of the time i ride with my highbeam on. Im trying to see if i can rig my scooter with driving lights for more light output. I wear a fullface helmet,padded jacket,pants,ankle work boots,gloves. I hate that my cdi box keeps me a 30mph. But im not in a rush it takes me 25mins to get to work. In a few years i might upgrade to a 150cc but i like my small scooter. Ride safe!

  5. posted by mags on

    If its illegal to ride on the sidewalk where are my kids supposed to ride? You know how fast people drive on the street- residential, school zone, they just go.

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