Unitasker Wednesday: The Squeasy Tea Bag Squeezer

Tea lovers, your prayers have been answered. You no longer have to burn your fingertips on scalding hot tea bags just to enjoy every last drop of tea. The Container Store has you covered with the Squeasy Tea Bag Squeezer. How else would one get the maximum tea out of a tea bag, with a spoon? Ha! That is so pedestrian. No self respecting tea drinker would be caught using a spoon to squeeze out his tea.

You’ll undoubtedly be the envy of all of your tea drinking friends with this ingenious invention. From the Container Store:

The tea lover on your holiday shopping list will adore this smart tea bag squeezer because it prevents you from burning your fingers on a hot tea bag. The stainless steel squeezer helps get every last drop from the tea bag. The set also includes a porcelain saucer to rest the squeezer and tea bag.

So, if you can’t think of anything to get someone, run — don’t walk — to the Container Store and be sure to grab these squeezers. Your tea drinking friends will thank you for saving their finger tips.

**Each week, the Unitasker Wednesday column humorously pokes fun at the unnecessary, single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

53 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: The Squeasy Tea Bag Squeezer”

  1. posted by Anthony Barron on

    NEVER squeeze a tea bag – taste the bitter difference. It’s insanity.

  2. posted by JayDubya on

    I am addicted to Twining’s English Breakfast tea. When I use bags, I steep for 5 minutes exactly, lift the bag and let it drip 12 drips and dispose of it. I could never squeeze the bag!

    My wife says I’m as sick as Adrian Monk…

  3. posted by Sheldon Norbdye on

    When I began spending time in Canada in 2000, I started drinking tea. I have had just about any flavor you can name now. I do not consider myself a connoisseur, I just love certain kinds of tea. My wife bought me a squeezer some years back, I loved it, have used it every time since. It offends my sense of efficiency not to use it. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

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