Reader suggested clutter-busting game: I’m moving overseas!

Today, we present another installment in our month of sharing, but this time from a reader. Carole Fogarty, a freelance writer and blogger on holistic, simple and inspirational living, has created a game to help tackle clutter in your home. The idea is a lot of fun and inspiring, too. Our appreciation to Carole for sharing her game with us!

You are excited, thrilled, and can’t wait. You are about to move overseas indefinitely for the dream experience of a lifetime. You now need to detox and simplify every corner of your home and life like never before. Many things need to be eliminated, then eliminated some more. Your things need to be streamlined and re-organized. This time you’re not overwhelmed with the thought of clearing clutter and simplifying your life because you have the adventure of an overseas destination waiting for you.

It’s all a game, and I dare you to play along and act as if you are moving overseas.

For the past couple months, I have enthusiastically been playing this game each day. It is the most fun I have ever had clearing clutter and simplifying my life.

How can you start playing the game called “I’m moving overseas?”

First, you need to feel and get a sense that you are really moving overseas. I used post-it notes on my fridge and bathroom window saying hello in French and Italian. I grabbed a bunch of travel brochures for beside my bed. I downloaded free language classes onto my ipod, picked a couple of international schools for my children and generally did whatever I needed to remind myself each day that I am about to get an invitation to move overseas. Once I was in the place of really feeling like I was about to move overseas, I started on the house.

I started one cupboard, one room at a time. I didn’t rush — you need to be thorough and thoughtful in your choices, after all you are about to move overseas. The only question I needed to ask myself while sorting through all my stuff was, “Is it absolutely essential that I put this item into storage or should I give it away?”

To my surprise, there was very little that I was willing to put into storage. Practical items like a refrigerator, couch, and washing machine stayed, plus some personal things that I absolutely love.

Another question I would ask myself if I were really having trouble deciding was, “Does this item represent who I am today or is it who I was yesterday?” I wanted to align my home with who I am today and not the person I was 10 years ago. And, it worked.

I don’t know how your life will change by playing this game, but I know that I have witnessed small and significant changes both in and around me. The most obvious change was that my mind and home feel so much lighter, my visions are brighter and clearer, and there is a constant feeling that something great is about to happen.

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  1. posted by Rachel on

    I think the time-energy combo is what causes so many of us to hang onto all the junk… it takes so much time to sort through the stuff and emotional energy to decide what is replaceable if needed, and what makes sense to keep / ship… we end up waiting until the last minute to pack and let the stress of the actual move steal our joy.

    That’s the reason I love the concept behind Carole’s ideas – take the time when you’re in the dreaming stages to start to make that reality your own, and when it actually comes to logistics and moving you’ve already psychologically prepared yourself for the transition.

    My husband and I are just about to relocate, and I found this post and the comments helpful. Thanks to all!

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  3. posted by Amanda on

    If I moved overseas, I would sell EVERYTHING (furniture-wise) and just take clothes, toiletries, laptops and hard-drives. And tech-gadgets.

    I live in South Africa, so it would be way too expensive to move with stuff. Especially with Ikea everywhere but here, where I could buy replacements (and Ikea-hack them).

    Maybe our wine collection (but that would be better drunk at multiple intimate goodbye parties with close friends).

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