Amazing or awful?

The Unclutterer staff is speechless, so it’s up to you to decide. Is this craft storage unit amazing or awful? Cast your vote and make your argument in the comments:



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  1. posted by Anya on

    Deborah, are you kidding me? Seriously. I have to agree with selenium. Does that mean if we aren’t also cutting our ears off a la Van Gogh, we aren’t “truly” creative spirits? You make it sound like being an artist is a competitive sport to see who can out-art the next person. You might want to revamp your opinion of artists, it sounds a bit dated. The tragic, chronically disorganized, adult-child popular stereotype of creatives is not exactly a positive expression of who we are. And personally, if I had to leave all of my paints, findings, little bitty tiny things that get stuck in the cracks of my floor all over the place — THAT is what would truly drive me crazy and actually make me want to ***not*** do *anything* creative. Being free creatively does NOT mean that you have to literally throw everything all over the place (although of course it’s your right), rather it means you are free in your thoughts and have the resources at your disposal to join the two aspects together to manifest what you see in your mind’s eye. You have made a very disappointing and judgemental comment about artists, and you do not speak for all of us. It does no good to publish statements like yours for a culture in general that already portrays us as insane to begin with!

  2. posted by MrsPhillips987 on

    AMAZING! I want one!

  3. posted by A. on

    While I’m on the fence to a certain degree, I think a thumbs down. To me, the question is this: Is organized clutter better than no clutter at all? If so, this cabinet is the way to go. If not, then time spent paring down might be a better investment.

  4. posted by Andreas - in Denmark on

    If I was a rich crafts-dude I’d so get one, nevermind the fugly… but then again, if I was a rich crafts-dude I wouldn’t live in such a small space that I needed one…

    hmm. conundrum indeed. I vote no though, price way too high, regardless.

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