What to do with pajamas during the day?

I have never known what to do with my pajamas in the morning. They usually end up being folded and set on top of my dresser. The dresser location is functional, but it’s cluttered. Years of living with clothes strewn on my dresser left me wishing I had a place where my pajamas could live that wasn’t on top of a flat surface.

After a recent trip to the hardware store, I came home armed with a “S” hook to solve my problem. The hook fits over my closet’s clothing rod and provides an instant place for my pajamas during the day. I also have enough space in my closet that my pajamas don’t touch any of my clean clothes. My pajamas are out of sight, off a flat surface, and behind the closed door of my closet.

If I had children, I think that I would install more permanent hooks that screwed into the closet wall at a height convenient for them. This way, they would be able to hang up their own pajamas even if they couldn’t reach their clothing rod in their closet.

I know that some people will likely comment that pajamas should be stored either under your pillow or in your pillow case. I just can’t do this. I think about how I sweat on my pajamas during the night and am not comfortable with then storing them next to where I put my face when I sleep. The reality may be that it is more hygienic than I am imagining, but I can’t do it. It gives me the willies. For me, the “S” hook works perfectly.

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  1. posted by Shay on

    I, too, opt for passing on pajamas altogether, except in the coldest weather. For PJs and gym clothes, I have a set of over-the-door hooks that keeps these “worn” items separate from my clean clothes. Items on the hooks get washed according to the “smell test”… I certainly don’t wash my gym clothes every single wear. Maybe that makes me a disgusting human being, but so long as it’s not still damp from the previous wear (ew!) then I don’t mind sweating in pre-sweated clothing.

  2. posted by Jackie on

    Can I ask a question? Do you pj wearing people wear underwear under your pjs at night? If not then surely this is like wearing the same pair of underwear every day for a week & I’m sure most of you wouldn’t consider that (or would you??) As you can tell I like clean jammies every night!

  3. posted by tay on

    this is the funniest thing i’ve read in a long time. I’m a germaphobe so I tend to put all worn clothes in the dirty clothes hamper as i enter the house. As for pj’s or rather a night gown I usually will wear more than once because I take it off right before I get in bed ;-) So who cares if I wear it again…I won’t really sleep in it…and if I dose, I will get up and take it off during the night.

    As for the person who said something about sweating on your sheets if your not wearing pj’s..GIVE ME A BREAK! I hope the people worried about sweating on your sheets or wearing no underwear with your pj’s are that thoughtful when it comes to using a hotel wash cloth (which is the equivalent to using a pair of (washed-we hope)underwar that 100’s of people have used to wash your face and body!), sleeping in a hotel bed in their sheets, sitting on your bed with your street clothes on, not washing their hands AS SOON as they enter the house, etc!

  4. posted by tay on

    couple of incorrect spellings there..but you get the point

  5. posted by Jackie on

    Crikey Tay you are a germaphobe – I never get stressed about those kind of things! I just like to smell and feel clean!

  6. posted by Eva on

    Erin, I totally understood you from the get-go about the sweating. You don’t detect it, but you know it’s there. I have been laying my nightgown on top of my bed during the day, and sometimes I put it on an over-the-door hook in the bathroom, although the hook seems to stretch it out of shape.

    Similar to the bed clothes scenario, I have clothes I use for cleaning and ones for working out that I wear more than once. I have been hanging them on a rod in the laundry room in separate sections, but it looks cluttered. Any suggestions?

  7. posted by sm on

    Workout clothes that you wear more than once? What do you do for a workout, croquet? My workout clothes practically warrant a biohazard bin. But I digress.

    I think there is a good, non-OCD/germaphobic, reason not to put clothes that you’ve worn before in with clothes you haven’t–both dust mites and moths feed on human skin cells which are the kind of thing you probably wouldn’t notice were on your clothes. You’d never want to store (say, for a season) something you’ve worn without washing it. So keeping my “worn once” clothes out of my bureau helps me remember what’s what.

    I get the PJs thing, particularly since mine just ended up on the floor this morning and it hardly makes for an uncluttered space.

  8. posted by Mike on

    If you’re sweating while you are sleeping in PJs, then maybe you shouldn’t wear PJs or wear less clothes to bed or maybe lower the heat or sleep with less sheets & blankets or just sleep naked.

  9. posted by Sarah on

    I live in Japan and a lot of the unclutterer ideas don’t work for me because of the different construction… e.g. sliding doors (can’t use the hooks recommended above!), short closets (divided in half horizontally to store futons underneath). My alternate plan for PJ storage is (drumroll) a coat rack, which I also use for bags, coats and other stuff that doesn’t fit in the closet.

    Oh, and re: the PJs, I’m wondering why no one has suggested taking a shower/bath before bed, instead of in the morning? It keeps your PJs and sheets clean longer.

  10. posted by WilliamB on

    I wear underwear under my sleep clothes, therefore I feel comfortable wearing my sleep clothes multiple times before washing them.

    Stacy, I run also. Those shirts can really stink, can’t they? Especially in the summer, no matter how early you run. Here’s my suggestion: rinse them out in the sink. Your clothes will be wet but unsmelly.

    Sometimes I feel so nasty after a run that I get into the shower still wearing my gear.

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