Unitasker Wednesday: Ice Cream Maker

I scream, you scream, we all scream for an ice cream maker? Summer is just about here and everyone is going to be hitting up their favorite ice cream joints, but some people may stay home and make themselves a tasty treat using an ice cream maker.

Does anyone out there actually own one of these things? Is it worth the effort to make a 1.5 quart batch of ice cream in your own kitchen? The maker that is pictured has a ton (582) of reviews on Amazon, but at 9.5 pounds and an rather large size (15 inches x 10 inches x 10.25 inches) does its use constitute the space it takes up?

Last time I went out for ice cream, I don’t remember paying an arm and a leg for a cone. So the idea of saving money while making your own ice cream doesn’t really add up. I’m really at a loss as to why someone would feel the need to make their own ice cream. Do we have any readers that make their own ice cream? Please enlighten me as to why.

If you happen to have one sitting in your cabinet and you haven’t used it since the 1990’s, get rid of the thing.

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  1. posted by Anonymous on

    We got ours with a gift certificate to a department store. We use it every summer. We like knowing our ice cream is both cheaper and healthier than what we can get in the stores. We also can make more than 1.5 quarts at once – it wouldn’t be worth it for smaller quantities. We like being able to serve homemade ice cream to guests – especially at larger parties.

  2. posted by Patia on

    I posted before, but I wanted to add that last night I made peach frozen yogurt with my new Cuisinart and OMG, it was SO good. Thirty minutes of churning and I got a nice, thick consistency.

  3. posted by K1rk on

    If you like to cook, making ice cream is one of the best things to make. It is SO MUCH BETTER when you make your own.

    I was going to be snotty and just drop this URL. It is a recipe for the best ice cream you’ll ever taste…well, at least it is this week’s best ice cream you’ll ever taste:


  4. posted by maja on

    Another reason for making your own ice cream is if you suffer from celiac disorder (gluten allergy). It is a serious problem, one that can lead to cancer. Gluten is in EVERYTHING it seems. If you make your own ice cream you know exactly what goes in it.

  5. posted by melsky on

    I make frozen yogurt in mine, that I like to eat with granola for breakfast on hot summer days like today. I had some this morning actually.

    I make ice cream in it too.

  6. posted by Anonymous on

    I make egg free ice cream for my egg allergic daughter. Plus I can make a bunch of ice cream for family parties and it’s cheap. And it does really taste good and if I get a hankering for say, cinnamon ice cream, well, it’s easy to whip up a batch.

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